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Temporary Staffing Policy

August 11, 2008 | In Employment


Temporary Staffing Policy

To: HR Facilitators

From: Joseph Marro
Director, Compensation and Staffing Programs, Office of Human Resources

In accordance with University and State policies, Staffing Programs is sending this reminder to departments that a "temporary" SPA appointment is an employment status of limited duration that cannot exceed 12 consecutive months. When a temporary employee has worked for the University (not just for a specific department) for 12 consecutive months, the employee’s appointment must be terminated and the employee cannot be hired into another temporary appointment with the University until at least 31 calendar days have passed. Since the University as a whole is considered one employer, a 31-day break in service must be from the University, not just from one department.

"Intermittent Temporary" appointments cannot exceed a total of nine months or 1,500 hours during any 12-month period. If the intermittent temporary employee exceeds this hour limitation, the employee will be designated as a regular temporary employee and he/she is immediately subject to the 31-day break in service requirement upon working 12 consecutive months. Otherwise, the intermittent temporary is not limited to a 12-month appointment.

Continuing to employ a temporary employee without the required 31-day break in service is a violation of University and State policy. Employing that same employee through an outside agency during his/her 31-day break in service is also not permissible as it is inconsistent with State and University policy.

If your department’s business needs will require the services of a replacement temporary during the 31-day break in service, please promptly contact Tar Heel Temps at 962-2900 for assistance in quickly identifying a candidate with any specialized skills that are needed.

Departments are always encouraged to contact their Employment, Compensation and Classification (ECC) specialists in the Office of Human Resources at any time to discuss options and evaluate staffing needs to determine if a time-limited, part-time or full-time permanent position may be more appropriate. You can search for your assigned ECC Specialist using HR Connect (http://hrconnect.unc.edu/); click on the topic, "Employment, Compensation and Classification Questions."

We look forward to continuing to assist you with your temporary and permanent staffing needs.