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Monthly EPA Personnel Action Submission Deadline

May 7, 2013 | In HR Systems

Several years ago, a deadline of the 15th of each month had been in place with regard to the submission of EPA personnel actions to the applicable central office for final approval prior to processing to Payroll. In recent years, this deadline has not been used and the result is an increased number of actions arriving in Academic Personnel or EPA Non-Faculty HR within a day or two of Payroll close.

Given staffing levels in these offices and the steps that must be accomplished before approving each action for payroll, it has become necessary to reinstate a firm submission deadline for EPA personnel actions. For this reason, effective July 1, Academic Personnel and the EPA Non-Faculty HR Office will establish a firm deadline of close of business on the 15th of each month (or the previous business day when the 15th falls on a University holiday or weekend) for EPA actions to arrive in the system inbox of either respective office. During months where payroll close is earlier than normal (e.g., Dec.), this deadline will be subject to adjustment. Please note this deadline has no impact on payroll close dates, which are established directly by University Payroll Services.

There will not be exceptions to this deadline. In the event an action does not arrive in the indicated time-frame, the action may still be processed on a retroactive basis so the individual will receive their first month’s pay in the following month. We understand that this will require more careful planning with regard to hiring effective dates at the School/Division-level. We ask for your assistance in ensuring appropriate steps are put into place within your areas to support this change effective July 1.