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EPA Non-Faculty HR Unit Consultant Assignments

July 11, 2013 | In HR Operations

Over the past year, we have added an additional staff member to the EPA Non-Faculty HR unit to more effectively distribute workload and improve client service. Our goal has been to eventually move to a model, similar to several other OHR departments, where each customer department has a primary EPA Non-Faculty HR staff member assigned to provide client service. We have now reached the point where we feel we have sufficient staffing and expertise within our unit to transition to this approach.

Effective July 15, each member of the EPA Non-Faculty HR unit will be assigned a primary group of departments. In many cases, we have assigned the same individual to serve an entire school or administrative division. In several of the larger schools and divisions that have too much volume for a single individual to handle, we have made the assignments by groupings of departments that most closely align to that School or Division’s organizational structure. In all cases, we have tried to make assignments that maximize the ability of each EPA HR staff member to work with closely related units and to assure continuity and consistency in service delivery.

I have attached a list with the primary assigned EPA Non-Faculty HR contact for each department, as well as the next-level manager. Once this change is implemented on July 15, we ask that you use the individual listed for each department as the first point of contact for EPA Non-Faculty HR matters. Likewise, this individual will be the primary reviewer/approver for each of their assigned departments’ actions in EPAWeb. In addition, the next-level manager is listed in the event your primary contact is unavailable for any time-sensitive issue or you have concerns that need to be escalated for any reason.

While we plan to use these departmental assignments to address most of the day-to-day workload, please also know that in a small unit such as this, every staff member will be positioned to help their colleagues during periods of peak workload. So there may still be occasions where you will be dealing with individuals other than your assigned contact person or that some of your EPAWeb actions may be worked by other members of the team. Please be assured that we will keep each other updated in these circumstances, so that continuity of service can be maintained. Likewise, we ask that in a critical situation, if your primary contact person is unavailable, do not hesitate to contact me directly or any other member of the team. Our goal is not for you to feel constrained in an urgent situation to reach a particular staff member to address a critical issue.

We expect the HR Connect tool on the OHR web site to be updated with these assignments within the next two weeks.  We will notify you as soon as those updates occur.

Please inform the appropriate individuals within your areas of responsibility of this change at your earliest opportunity. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your assigned point of contact, either now or in the future, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Memo submitted by: Vanessa Ragland, Director, EPA Non-Faculty HR