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Change in Calculations of Biweekly Pay for SPA Permanent Employees

July 21, 2013 | In Other Departments

Each fiscal year, the University has to recalculate the biweekly regular pay for SPA permanent employees due to changes in the number of workdays in a fiscal year (July 1-June 30). While this does not change your annual salary, it can change the amount of regular pay in each biweekly pay period.

Your annual salary is divided by the number of hours in the fiscal year (2088 hours for 2013-14) and multiplied by the 80 hours in the biweekly pay period. Because there were 2080 hours in fiscal year 2012-13, SPA permanent employees saw a small change in the amount of their biweekly paychecks beginning with paychecks issued on July 12.

If you have questions about your biweekly paychecks, contact your School/Division HR office or see the memo that was attached to the biweekly email paystub notice. This does not apply to EPA employees paid on a monthly schedule.

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