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Brody, Grandes Named Interim Leads as Malone Departs

December 8, 2013 | In Administration, HR Operations

Brenda Malone, Carolina’s vice chancellor for human resources, has been named vice president for human resources at Georgetown University and will leave Carolina at the end of the year. Chancellor Carol Folt announced last week that Matthew S. Brody, associate vice chancellor for human resources, will provide leadership and oversight to the Office of Human Resources as part of his current role until permanent leadership is named.

In August, Chancellor Folt asked Malone to serve as interim director of the Equal Opportunity/ADA Office, which administers policies protecting equal opportunity and access to all students, faculty and staff. Jayne Grandes, currently associate director for investigations and compliance reporting in the EO/ADA Office, will serve as interim director of that unit, and will report to Brody during this period.

“It is essential that the Office of Human Resources and the EO/ADA Office – two critically important offices that serve our faculty and staff – have appropriate leadership in place to sustain them until permanent leadership is appointed,” Folt said. “I want to express my appreciation to both Matt Brody and Jayne Grandes for agreeing to lead these important offices until permanent leadership is named.”

“Under Brenda’s strong leadership, Carolina has made great strides in providing services and programs for our employees and managers. Her many contributions to the University have strengthened our campus workplace and enhanced the pride and professionalism of our employees,” Folt said earlier in announcing Malone’s departure.

Malone said her new position brings her closer to her family and creates a new set of challenges and opportunities

“I have loved every minute of working at Carolina. It’s a fabulous institution,” Malone said. “I am leaving to continue my life’s journey and to be more connected with my family. I am certain that the future of this University is exciting and bright under Chancellor Folt.”