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Emergency Contact Collection

December 8, 2013 | In HR Systems

In the event of an urgent situation on campus – such as an individual falling severely and suddenly ill, or even a widespread emergency situation that affects many people – it is vital that the University have a way to contact those individuals designated by employees as their primary points of contact. Currently, many departments collect this information for faculty and staff, but best emergency response practices have shown that a central storage and access point – with appropriate controls – is essential.

Accordingly, the University has designed an online tool to allow faculty and staff to enter their designated contact person’s information during the Onyen password update process and through the campus directory. Due to the importance of this effort, you are required to complete the online process (see instructions below).

Your emergency contact information will be securely held, and will never be made publicly available. It will only be used in the event of a true emergency as determined by senior University administration and/or the Department of Public Safety. Decisions to access the information and call the designated emergency contact will be made by senior administrators, the Office of Human Resources or Department of Public Safety. In addition, decisions to reach out to the emergency contact will only be made after the initial report of an emergency is confirmed through the department head or other similar high-level administration member with knowledge of the specific situation.

You will be able to enter up to two separate emergency points of contact, including name, relationship, phone number(s) and other optional contact information. You can enter this information during the Onyen password check or update process, when you can also change or affirm a cell number in the Alert Carolina system. Once you enter the information for a specific person, it will remain in the system unless you later update or remove it.

Thank you in advance for your support of the University’s efforts to enhance safety and ensure that – if an emergency does occur – appropriate notice can be provided to family or other designated individuals. You are encouraged to add your emergency contact information as soon as possible.

To add or edit your emergency contact information:

  • Go to onyen.unc.edu and click the link for “Manage Password.” Enter your Onyen and current password. (Note: You will not have to change your Onyen password as part of this process.) Agree to the information security policy attestation, affirm your Alert Carolina cell number entry, enter your emergency contact information and answer the security questions required by ITS. When you reach the New Password screen, click “Logout” on the right side of the screen. You can exit this screen without entering a new Onyen password.

You can use the process above to update your emergency contact information at any time between scheduled password resets. Each time you change your Onyen password, you can simply affirm the current emergency contact information, or update it if needed.

If you do not have an Onyen, or do not have computer access, you can have your emergency contact information added to the system by calling the IT Response Center at 962-HELP. You can also contact 962-HELP if you experience an issue entering your emergency contacts.