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Gasoline Shortages

September 20, 2016 | In General, Work/Life

As you know, much of the Southeast is experiencing gasoline shortages due to the disruption of the Colonial Pipeline in Alabama. News reports say that the situation should be resolved in the coming days.

In the meantime, local gas stations are beginning to run out of fuel. As a general rule, while employees are expected to come to work, individual students, faculty and staff must use their own best judgment about whether they are able to travel to and from campus. We encourage faculty members, as well as managers and supervisors, to be as flexible as possible during this time, particularly for those with lengthy commutes. We invite you to consider and to allow telecommuting where it is feasible and appropriate, as well as flexible scheduling and/or carpooling, which will help limit gasoline consumption.

As a reminder, Chapel Hill Transit and GoTriangle offer free and low-cost transit options in and around the area.

In addition, the Office of State Human Resources and Office of State Budget and Management have issued a memo with instructions from Governor Pat McCrory to curtail all non-essential business travel until further notice. This memo is available here. If you have questions about business travel, please contact your departmental financial lead.