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2016 Winter Break Update & Closings

November 15, 2016 | In General

As a reminder, the University is closed for a one-week period for Winter Break 2016:  Monday, Dec. 26, through Friday, Dec. 30, 2016.  During this period, four days are designated as paid holidays. One day – Thursday, Dec. 29 – is not covered by a State-provided holiday and therefore has been designated as a University Closed Day on which employees must use leave, since the State Human Resources Act provides State employees with only 12 paid holidays per year.

Views of late February snow at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Similarly, the University will close for one week for Winter Break 2017: Monday, Dec. 25, through Friday, Dec. 29, 2017. Four of those days are designated as paid holidays, and one day – Thursday, Dec. 28 – is a University Closed Day and employees must use leave.

The full holiday schedules for 2016 and 2017 are on the OHR website.

Some departments have essential work that must be done (related to research, healthcare, safety, etc.) and designated employees must report to work regardless of state, federal, or University holidays. SHRA non-exempt employees who work on designated holidays must be paid holiday premium pay, in addition to hour-for-hour compensatory time up to eight hours daily.  State guidelines do not permit the University to pay premium holiday pay for the University Closed Day during winter break.

Employees may use vacation leave, bonus leave, or accrued compensatory time to cover the University Closed Day. Employees hired between December 1-16, 2016, will accrue leave for the month of December and therefore can use this vacation leave to cover the University Closed Day on December 29. Employees are encouraged to retain leave time sufficient to cover the University Closed Day.

By making this decision, UNC-Chapel Hill joins the other universities of the UNC System in closing for a week during Winter Break. In addition, our research shows that the majority of employees use vacation time during the semester break. Closing for a full week during this period will allow for a savings of approximately $250,000 in operational and energy costs, a measure that supports the University’s efforts to become a more sustainable employer as we strive to be a good steward of public and private resources.

If you have any questions about the holiday schedule, please contact the Benefits unit in the Office of Human Resources at 919-962-3071 or benefits@unc.edu.