HR Council Updates

November 8, 2016

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HR Community Toolkit

November 8, 2016

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SHRA Direct Hire Temporary Hiring, Benefits Eligibility & Termination

July 31, 2017

…to attend the EHS OSHA Blood borne Pathogen training within his/her first 10 days at work and discuss the necessity of a Hepatitis B vaccination with the UEOHC. All employees must comply with the University’s policy on HIV-infected or Hepatitis B-infected employees engaged in University health care activities, including disclosure to their department head, dean, division chief, Senior Director of Employee & Management Relations, or chair of…

End of Appointment: EHRA Non-Faculty

June 1, 2017

…tact your department’s Employee Relations Consultant in the Office of Human Resources. The Employee & Management Relations Department, in coordination with the EHRA Non-Faculty HR Department, will assist the terminating department in preparing any required communications to the employee. For all other end of employment circumstances not described above, please contact the EHRA Non-Faculty HR Department for assistance regarding the format of…

EHRA Non-Faculty Leave Transfer or Payout Policy

June 1, 2017

…f every calendar year only and not forfeited due to transfer to another position at UNC-Chapel Hill. However, excess annual leave unable to be transferred and/or paid out may be donated to the Voluntary Shared Leave program. Termination/Separation From UNC-Chapel Hill Employees both leaving the University and employment with the State of North Carolina are due payout of available annual and bonus leave up to permitted maximums. The employee may…

Employment Policies for EHRA Non-Faculty Instructional, Research and Public Service Staff, and Tier II Senior Academic and Administrative Officers

August 1, 2017

…yee will have an opportunity to respond and offer any explanation, verbally and/or in writing, why he/she believes they should not be discharged as proposed. Disposition of Notice of Intent As a result of the pre-discharge conference, the appointing Department Head shall make a recommendation to the Chancellor or his/her designee as to whether the proposed discharge shall proceed. With the concurrence of the Chancellor or his/her designee, the…

Processing Non-Resident Aliens & Foreign Nationals

August 1, 2017

…ly for tax withholding status changes) with no other change in appointment details, salary or salary source accounts, this change will be made automatically by Payroll Services and no actions will need to be prepared by the department in EPAWeb. Payroll Services will notify departments by memo when such a change occurs. Processing EHRA Appointment Paperwork for Non-Resident Aliens Lacking a SSN Prior to Arrival in the U.S. To initiate a New…

Longevity Pay

January 5, 2017

…ds the pro-rata payout. Comments section should include the calculation method used by the department. It may be useful to pause the termination workflow until the pro-rata longevity payout is approved by the HR Records and Information unit. If you complete the termination workflow and your pro-rata longevity payout is not approved, you will have to submit a hard copy PD-105 to complete the pro-rata longevity payout. Implementation Full…

Optional Retirement Program

January 4, 2017

…an” that is underwritten by one of the four carriers currently underwriting the ORP benefit, and you begin participation in that successor plan as your “core retirement plan” within 12 months following your termination of eligible service in the plan (usually your termination of employment) with The University of North Carolina. Retirement Benefits & Distribution Options Under the ORP, the amount of your monthly benefit is…

Recruitment and Hiring Policy for SHRA Permanent Employment

July 27, 2017

…niversity. Employees must attend a Welcome to Carolina Blue session before beginning work. When the Employment Consultant extends the job offer to the candidate and it is accepted, the Employment Consultant will approve the department’s ePAR. The OHR Staffing Orientation Coordinator will then enroll the candidate in the New Employee Orientation session. When the hiring department’s Human Resources Representative extends the job offer to the…