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Cancer Insurance

NCFlex – Cancer & Specified Diseases Insurance

This program is sponsored by the State of North Carolina as part of the NCFlex benefits program. American Heritage Life/Allstate Workplace Division is the plan administrator for the State.

The Cancer Insurance Plan provides benefits to pay for expenses related to cancer and 29 other specified diseases. Covered benefits may include reimbursement for lodging, transportation, home recovery/hospice, and transplant costs. You can choose between three plan options depending on your cancer insurance needs and specified diseases. All three plan options offer the same type of benefits and/or services. In most cases, however, the amount of coverage differs. The benefits under the Low, High and Premium Options are progressively higher than the previous option.

This plan is intended for use in conjunction with a comprehensive medical plan and/or a healthcare flexible spending account. This plan is not a comprehensive medical insurance program.

All permanent part-time (20-29 hours per week) and full-time (30 or more hours per week) employees can elect coverage for themselves, their spouse and their unmarried dependent children up to age 26.

For details on all cancer plan options and benefits, refer to the NCFlex Benefits Highlights.