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Liability Insurance

The University provides at no charge to its employees and other recognized officials, excess liability insurance coverage up to $10,000,000 per occurrence. This Liability Insurance coverage is in addition to the statutory coverage pertaining to state employees found in N.C. General Statute §143-291, commonly referred to as the Tort Claims Act.

The Tort Claims Act limits the University’s liability for the negligence of its employees and agents to $1,000,000 per claim. The University is responsible for paying up to this first $1,000,000 of any judgment awarded against employees and agents for their negligent acts or omissions while in the scope of their employment.

This excess liability insurance policy is intended to seamlessly fit with the protection provided by the Tort Claims Act, giving employees a secondary tier of protection. Accordingly, employees could have up to $11,000,000 of coverage per occurrence when combining both the Tort Claims Act and the excess liability insurance coverage. Coverage is also not just limited to claims resulting in property damage or bodily injury. Rather, the insurance policy responds when legally obligated to pay damages “resulting from a wrongful act(s) committed by the employee.” This coverage also responds to claims or lawsuits filed anywhere in the world.

For additional information on liability insurance, refer to the Finance Division’s Policy and Procedures Manual – Liability Insurance for Employees or contact Risk Management Services at 919-962-7360.