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Child Care Financial Assistance Program

The Child Care Financial Assistance Program, developed and funded through the Chancellor’s Child Care Advisory Committee, is designed to provide financial assistance to UNC-Chapel Hill employees and students for quality child care. UNC-Chapel Hill contracts with Child Care Services Association (CCSA) to administer the program, with Benefits Services serving as the University’s liaison to CCSA. Because funding for the program is limited, eligibility cannot guarantee assistance.

Assistance Eligibility

Household Income

See the following family size and maximum household income requirements:

Family Size

Maximum Household Income











For employees whose gross household income exceeds the guidelines above, the Dependent Day Care Flexible Spending Account (DDCFSA), a pre-tax spending account program, is applicable and can result in substantial savings. To receive information on the DDCFSA, call Benefits Services at 962-3071.

Employment/Academic Status

  • Permanent UNC-Chapel Hill employees (30+ hours/week)
  • Students currently enrolled full-time at UNC-Chapel Hill
  • Or, some combination of parents or legal guardian being either a student and/or employee

Eligible Child Care

  • Assistance is limited to 1 full-time equivalent (FTE) of child care per full-time employee/student
  • 1 FTE = 1 full-day child care program
  • 1/2 FTE = after-school program or 1/2-day preschool program

Types of Eligible Care

  • Full-time child care in a registered family day care home or licensed center
  • After-school care in a regulated program
  • Part-time or preschool care in a regulated program
  • Full or part-time summer care in a regulated program

“Regulated” refers to a child care provider or program that is registered with or licensed by the State of North Carolina’s Division of Child Development. Though after-school and preschool programs of four hours or less are not required to be regulated (registered), they may choose to do so as a sign of commitment to quality. To encourage quality, UNC-Chapel Hill will subsidize only regulated child care programs.

  • Family day care homes must be registered with the state
  • Day care centers must be licensed
  • Providers must have a policy and practice of prohibiting corporal punishment
  • Providers must be willing to sign a contract with CCSA/UNC-Chapel Hill
  • Provider admissions policies must be inclusive of all children, regardless of their race, gender, creed, color, or national origin

Other Subsidy Programs

CCSA will assist UNC-Chapel Hill families in finding the appropriate available funding source from a variety of assistance programs (Department of Social Services, Smart Start, etc.).

Employee/Student Responsibilities

The employee/student will pay a portion of the child care costs based upon the employee/student’s income. The remaining portion will be paid by CCSA/UNC-Chapel Hill directly to the designated child care provider

The employee/student must pay his/her respective co-payments to the provider and sign an agreement with CCSA/UNC-Chapel Hill

The employee/student must immediately notify CCSA of any changes of status, including:

  • withdrawal of child from the day care provider
  • change of day care provider
  • change in employment/academic status
  • change in family status (divorce, marriage, etc.)
  • change in household income

For more information on program requirements and procedures, contact Child Care Services Association at 403-6950 or the Work/Life Manager at 962-6008. Completed applications should be faxed to Child Care Services Association at 403-6959.


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