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Rewards and Recognition

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill recognizes the collective efforts that all employees contribute to the overall mission of the University and that we should encourage opportunities for those efforts to be acknowledged. In order to attract and retain the best employees, we must aim to create an environment where employees feel appreciated for their contributions.

Well-thought-out recognition/reward programs can be either peer-to peer or management-driven, or both, and can help motivate employees to continually improve; to be innovative and manage resources creatively; to set high standards and goals; and to work together in teams. Recognition is a great esteem builder and can help create workplace loyalty and build a sense of community. It helps employees see what their co-workers are doing, and why.

Awards Registry

The Office of Human Resources maintains an official Awards Registry of all Departmental, State-wide and University Awards. Departmental recognition programs for all employees must be in writing, and approved by the Office of Human Resources. All departmental recognition programs must be registered on the University’s Awards Registry. Departments wishing to get an award approved and added to the Awards Registry must complete and submit the attached Recognition and Awards Registry Data Form.

Awards may be designed to recognize extraordinary achievements by an employee or group of employees and may highlight performance, customer service, initiative, innovation, teamwork, career milestones, or other important accomplishments. To review a listing of the Departmental, State-wide or University Awards you can link to the following award categories:

Special Awards Programs

Carolina recognizes the contributions employees make each and every day and understand the importance in recognizing milestones in an employee’s career. Our Service Awards Program recognizes service at five year intervals.

The Stars Heel Award Program can be used by departments as a “peer-to-peer” awards program or by management to reward an employee for outstanding service. This program is designed to provide flexibility to departments in developing criteria for receiving the award(s) allocated to each department.

Service Awards

The University’s Service Awards Program recognizes and expresses appreciation for the long-term service of permanent SHRA and EHRA Non-Faculty employees, both full-time and part-time (regularly scheduled to work 20 or more hours each week). Eligibility for awards is determined by an employee’s Total State Service according to the University’s fiscal year, July 1 through June 30. The program currently recognizes employee service at five-year intervals.

 Star Heels Award Program

The Star Heels Award Program is made possible by the Office of Human Resources. The program provides awards to departments in order to recognize and reward excellent employees.