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Relocation Assistance

The Office of Human Resources is pleased to offer a relocation program for current and prospective University employees. Fonville-Morisey, Inc. (FM Relocation Services) is an established real estate agency with years of experience in the North Carolina region.

Fonville-Morisey Relocation Services’ team is dedicated to providing new and current UNC-Chapel Hill employees with quality service in all areas of destination services. In addition to services such as overview tours, drive-around rental assistance and lending services, employees of the University also have access to financial incentives and moving services.

Fonville-Morisey Relocation Services will help to assess an individual’s specific real estate needs and expectations, assist in maximizing the benefits of their preferred client status and will be an advocate through all the details of real estate transactions. The Fonville-Morisey team will monitor the progress of all interactions to assure customer satisfaction.

For more additional information and to register with Fonville-Morisey, please visit Fonville-Morisey’s dedicated UNC Moves Web site.

Real Estate Discounts

In addition to Fonville-Morisey’s preferred status as the University’s relocation business partner, we also have other real-estate discounts available. You can view additional real-estate discounts posted in the Tar Heel Discounts & Perks page of the Benefits Services section of the Web site.

Education Quick Links

Prospective employees may be interested in learning more about the area’s public school system. Here are links to some of the local public school systems: