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Classification & Compensation

Classification and compensation for University staff (non-faculty) employees is handled by two groups in the Office of Human Resources: Classification and Compensation (for SHRA employees, formerly known as SPA) and EHRA Non-Faculty HR (for EHRA non-faculty employees, formerly known as EPA).

The Classification and Compensation group is responsible for maintaining fair and equitable classification and salary decisions for the University’s SHRA workforce. The unit maintains the integrity of the State of North Carolina’s career banding program as well as the Department of Labor’s prescribed Fair Labor Standards Act regulations.

Classification and Compensation provides organizational design consultation; position design consultation; position classification; SHRA wage hour designation; administration of the career banding dispute resolution process; consultation of departmental pay philosophies and strategies; compensation analysis; training classes through the HR Course Catalog; and salary adjustment approvals and monitoring.

Salary Increase Processes

Click here for information about processing SHRA salary increases.

Information about processing EHRA salary increases is forthcoming. Please contact your assigned Classification and Compensation Consultant or Employment Consultant for assistance.