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Employee / Management Relations

Welcome to Employee & Management Relations!

Our Purpose

Our unit is responsible for all aspects of management and employee relations, including performance management and employee conduct consultations, disciplinary actions, and conflict/dispute resolution. We provide confidential consultation both to employees and to University management.

Our Goals

  • To promote, encourage and strengthen communication between employees and management at all levels.
  • To promote and safeguard the proper application of University personnel policies.
  • To establish and heighten mutual trust and acceptance within the campus community.
  • To provide confidential, fair, reliable and effective resolutions in a timely fashion.

Our Partners

Employee & Management Relations works closely with EPA Non-Faculty Human Resources, the Equal Opportunity / ADA Office, and the Faculty Personnel Office in administering employee relations policies and programs.

Our Services & Resources

Workplace Investigations & Safety: This section provides information on addressing prohibited harassment and discrimination, workplace violence, and how to conduct required workplace investigations.

Performance Management: This section provides information on the elements of the performance management program, establishing expectations and appraising performance, addressing and correcting poor performance, and addressing formal appeals of performance appraisals.

Disciplinary Processes: This section provides information on the due process requirements for administering disciplinary action for SPA staff employees.

Consultations & Training: This section provides information on E&MR’s consultation services, our facilitated conversation program, and our training programs.

Grievances & Formal Appeals: This section provides information and guidance regarding the formal appeals processes available to employees to grieve certain actions by management.

Administrative Leave Programs: This section provides information on the three administrative leave programs that E&MR administers: Adverse Weather, Pandemic & Communicable Disease, and Administrative Absence.

Contacts: An Employee & Management Relations Consultant is assigned to work with each campus department. To find your E&MR Consultant, go to HR Connect. For additional assistance, contact us at 919-843-3444.