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Chancellor’s Award Nomination Form

For nomination consideration, please include the following:

  1. Completed nomination form.
  2. Written nomination with no more than three supporting letters (send letters to Benefits Services, CB# 1045).
  3. Completed “nominee’s job responsibilities” section.

Failure to complete all sections of the nomination may result in ineligibility. Nominations must be received by Friday, June 14, 2013.

Nominee’s supervisor will be contacted to verify job information.

  • An employee can be nominated in one or more of the categories listed below. Please check the box to the left of each category below that you believe fits the nominee. These categories will be used as a guide when final selections are made.
  • Nominee's Job Responsibilities: Although position classification specifications list the broad job responsibilities, each job has its own specific requirements. Please give any brief information about the job that will help the selection committee determine what is "clearly above and beyond" that which would be expected from dedicated employees who are fully and competently discharging all of the duties and satisfying all fo the requirements of their jobs.