Reminders from Benefits & Leave Administration

December 8, 2017

Starting with today’s bi-weekly payroll, it’s important to review your paycheck and benefit plan deductions to ensure accuracy.

Bi-Weekly Employees

  • Dec. 8: paycheck reflects new 2018 Medical Plan Rates
  • Jan. 5: paycheck reflects new NCFlex & UNC Benefit Plan Rates 

Monthly Employees

  • Dec. 22 paycheck reflects new 2018 Medical Plan Rates
  • Jan, 31 paycheck reflects new 2018 NCFlex & UNC Benefit Plan Rates

For questions regarding benefit plan deductions please contact 919-962-3071 or

Congratulations 2017 ULEAD Graduates

December 5, 2017

On Thursday, Nov, 30, the University recognized its newest class of ULEAD (University Leadership Education and Development) graduates. The class of 19 came from UNC-Chapel Hill, N.C. Central University and UNC General Administration. ULEAD, sponsored by the Division of Workforce Strategy, Equity and Engagement, is a semester-long program that focuses on teaching skills and techniques for leadership effectiveness.

ulead graduates 2017The graduation ceremony featured special guest speaker Robert Blouin, Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor of the University. Blouin spoke to attendees about the importance of making and maintaining professional connections. Other speakers included in the lunchtime program were University Managers Association President Melissa Cobb; Vice Chancellor for Workforce Strategy, Equity and Engagement, Felicia Washington; Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources Linc Butler; and the ULEAD Class of 2017 Speaker, Beth Walden.

“In contrast with generic programs, ULEAD participants learn leadership skills unique to success in the special environment of public higher education,” said William Frey, Professional Development Consultant and coordinator of the ULEAD program. “Skills such as communication, team work, negotiation for resources, and innovative thinking. They also learn about their own strengths and how to collaborate under pressure with other leaders.”

The 2017 class of graduates from the University Leadership Education and Development Program (ULEAD) is comprised of two employees from N.C. Central University, two from UNC General Administration, and 15 from UNC-Chapel Hill.

Graduates included:

Laura Bageant
Brian Boyd
Anne Cabell
Jeffrey Campbell
Erika Elaine Glander
Erika Hanami
Harvey Hinton III
Nick Jeffreys
Jeffrey Jones
Lakhesh Khullar
Kathleen O’Brien
Sara Reese
William Robertson
Arielle Rose
Jamillah Scott-Branch
Beth Walden
John W. Williams
Shawn Womack
Amanda Zettervall

ULEAD participants were grouped into four teams, all of whom completed a project during the semester.

Click on each project title to view project report:

Learn more about ULEAD

Increased Number of Phishing Messages to Campus

November 28, 2017

UNC-Chapel Hill has recently experienced a significant increase in the number of phishing messages that delivered to faculty, staff and student inboxes. While measures were put in place to limit the impact of this phishing campaign, UNC Information Technology Services (ITS) is investigating ways to improve our response times in the future.

As a reminder:

  • ITS will never send emails with subject lines that create a sense of urgency, such as “LAST CHANCE,” “MAIL ALERT” or “WARNING! ATTENTION REQUIRED.”
  • ITS will never ask you via email to confirm or verify an account by logging in with your Onyen and password.
  • You should always be suspicious of emails that include poor grammar, punctuation or use all caps.
  • When in doubt and before clicking on links, users can call 919-962-HELP to ask if a message is legitimate.
  • You should visit often to stay informed on the latest phishing attempts on campus.

Retirement Plan Caps effective January 2018

November 15, 2017

On Oct. 19, the Internal Revenue Service announced adjustments to dollar limits for pension plans for tax year 2018. Please note that the new limits are effective for retirement contributions, having begun Jan 1. The catch-up contribution limit for employees aged 50 and over remains unchanged from the 2017 limit.

IRS Contribution and Benefit Limit Plan 2018 2017
Annual Compensation Limit – 401(a)(17) TSERS – hired on or after January 1, 1996 $275,000 $270,000
Annual Compensation Limit – 401(a)(17) TSERS – hired prior to January 1, 1996 $405,000 $400,000
Annual Compensation Limit – 401(a)(17) ORP – hired on or after July 1, 1996 $275,000 $270,000
Annual Compensation Limit – 401(a)(17) ORP – hired prior to July 1, 1996 $405,000 $400,000
Elective Deferrals – 402(g)(1) 401(k) and 403(b) $18,500 $18,000
Elective Deferrals – 457(e)(15) 457(b) $18,500 $18,000
Catch-up Contributions – 401(v)(2)(B)(i) 401(k), 403(b) and 457(b) $6,000 $6,000


State Health Plan

The State Health Plan announced increases to the EMPLOYER contribution rates for the PPO 80/20 and PPO 70/30.  The EMPLOYER contribution will increase to $498.68 per month starting in December 2017 for coverage that begins January 1, 2018.

The State Health Plan also announced an increase to the High Deductible Health Plan for non-permanent employees.  The EMPLOYER contribution rate will be $136.30 per month starting in December 2017 for coverage that begins January 1, 2018.

Saluting our UNC Veterans: Tar Heel Tribute 2017

November 14, 2017

On Friday, Nov. 10, almost 100 employees and students gathered at the Carolina Club for the fourth annual Tar Heel Tribute to honor faculty, students, and staff at UNC-Chapel Hill who have served in the United States armed forces. The event was sponsored by the Office of the Dean of Students and the Division of Workforce Strategy, Equity and Engagement.

The program began with the Posting of the Colors by UNC ROTC and the National Anthem performed by Cadet Luke Boehm. Then, retired Air Force Senior Master Sergeant and UNC employee Dan Atkins led a presentation to honor POW/MIA veterans. Chancellor Carol L. Folt began her remarks by thanking veterans for their service and reiterating Carolina’s commitment to veterans. Felicia Washington, Vice Chancellor for Workforce Strategy, Equity and Engagement, added her welcome and thanks, and introduced student veteran Frankie Burgos.

Burgos’ remarks were followed by those from the keynote speaker, Derek B. Kemp, Associate Vice Chancellor for Campus Safety and Risk Management and 26-year veteran of the U.S. Navy.

View Event Photos

Updates to SHRA Disciplinary Action Policy

November 11, 2017

Earlier this fall, the State Human Resources Commission approved revisions to the SHRA Employee Disciplinary Action Policy. These revisions do not significantly change current policy and practice, but provide additional definitions to ensure that the policy is consistent across the state.

Reason for Policy Change

Although these revisions do not significantly change current policy and practice, there is a significant restructuring of the policy. Some aspects of the disciplinary process that were undefined in the former policy have been articulated in the new policy to foster greater consistency of practice. Because practices at individual institutions may have evolved independently over time within the parameters of the former policy, this policy revision may require some modifications to current institutional procedures.

To ensure consistency with the Disciplinary Action Policy, revision details from the Office of State Human Resources are outlined below:

1. Policy Name Change

Disciplinary Action Policy (formerly, “Disciplinary Action, Suspension and Dismissal Policy”).

2. Documented Counseling Session

The revised policy expects a documented counseling session to occur prior to issuing a written warning for unsatisfactory job performance, unless Human Resources allows for an exception due to the nature of the incident(s).

3. Advance Notice to Attend a Pre-Disciplinary Conference

The revised policy sets a minimum 24 hours advance written notice to an employee prior to holding the pre-disciplinary conference. This was undefined in the former policy.

4. Lifespan of a Disciplinary Action

Written warnings, suspensions, and demotions remain active for 18 months, and this active period extends if another disciplinary action is issued in that timeframe. The revised policy also sets the maximum extended period up to an additional 18 months. This means that no individual action will be active longer than a total of 36 months.

The lifespan of active actions issued prior to Nov. 1, 2017, remain active as provided by the policy in place prior to Nov. 1, 2017.

5. Allowed Participants in the Pre-Disciplinary Conference

  • The supervisor or other person chosen by agency management to conduct the conference; that person will be a representative from Employee & Management Relations, Office of Human Resources.
  • A management representative must be present at management’s discretion; that person may be the supervisor or an alternate management representative.
  • The employee;
  • University procedures may provide for one additional neutral party, if agreed upon by the employee and management.
  • If the person conducting the conference chooses, security may be present.
  • No other parties may be present at the PDC.

6. Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Please note that references to the Employee Assistance Program and related fitness for duty procedures apply to the agency’s separate EAP program and not to the University’s EAP programs.

This message is sponsored by: Office of Human Resources

2018 Annual Enrollment Now Complete

November 2, 2017

The annual benefits enrollment period ended Oct. 31, and a large majority of UNC-Chapel Hill employees took action, with 89% of employees enrolling in their benefits before the deadline. This high level of engagement can largely be attributed to the Benefits and Leave Administration team’s on-campus involvement and in-person instruction. Before and during the month-long enrollment period, the Office of Human Resources Benefits and Leave Administration team:

  • Conducted over 30 enrollment presentations to departments across campus
  • Taught “Train the Trainer” sessions to those assisting employees in enrollment
  • Hosted 13 “Rock Enroll” in-person assistance labs at the Administrative Office Building, including sessions for employees who work second and third shifts.

For 2018, one major difference from last year’s enrollment was the elimination of the Consumer Directed Health Plan (CDHP). Employees this year could choose between either the 70/30 plan and the 80/20 plan.

During last year’s 2017 enrollment:

  • 1,370 employees enrolled in the Consumer Directed Health Plan (CDHP)
  • 3,497 employees enrolled in the 70/30 plan
  • 7,2,79 employees enrolled in the 80/20 plan

During this year’s 2018 enrollment:

  • 3,697 employees enrolled in the 70/30 plan
  • 8,561 employees enrolled in the 80/20 plan

Let’s Get Social: WSEE on Social Media

October 30, 2017

The Workforce Strategy, Equity and Engagement Division (WSEE) comprises three offices at UNC-Chapel Hill: the Office of Human Resources, Equal Opportunity and Compliance, and Diversity and Inclusion. One of the best ways to keep up with important news and events from these offices is to follow us on social media.

UNC Office Of Human Resources (OHR)

Facebook: @unc.ohr or UNC-Chapel Hill Human Resources
Instagram: @unc_hr (UNC-CH Human Resources)
Twitter: @unc_hr (UNC Human Resources)

Equal Opportunity and Compliance (EOC)

Facebook: @HeelsUnitedUNC or Heels United for a Safe Carolina
Instagram: @heelsunitedunc (Heels United)
Twitter: @HeelsUnitedUNC (Heels United UNC)

Diversity and Inclusion (D&I)

Facebook: @UNCDiversity (UNC Diversity & Inclusion)
Twitter: @UNCDiversity (UNC D&I)



2017 & 2018 Holiday Calendars

October 27, 2017

As we approach the holiday season, this is a reminder of the 2017 holiday calendar published last year. We are also publishing at this time the 2018 holiday calendar. The calendars can be accessed on the Leave & Holidays page of this website.

Some departments have essential work that must be done (related to research, healthcare, safety, etc.) and designated employees report to work regardless of state, federal, or University holidays. SHRA employees who work on designated holidays will be paid holiday premium pay, in addition to hour for hour compensatory time up to 8 hours daily. Employees can use annual leave, bonus leave, or accrued compensatory time to cover University Closed Days, as State guidelines do not permit the University to pay premium holiday pay for University Closed Day(s) during Winter Break. Special arrangements will be made for employees hired just before a Winter Break who have not accrued sufficient leave.

If you have any questions about the holiday schedule, please contact the Benefits and Leave Administration unit in the Office of Human Resources at 919-962-3071 or

This message is sponsored by: Office of Human Resources | Workforce Strategy, Equity and Engagement Division