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Focus Areas

Organization & Professional Development features training opportunities as part of a focused curriculum organized into focus areas. Each group is is designed to enhance essential workplace skills, knowledge, and professional development for Carolina employees by providing diverse, well-rounded programs.

The focus areas cover four skill sets frequently requested for employee development: Communication, Leadership, Project Management and Supervisory/Management. Classes listed offer a starting point for exploring a particular skill set, as well as giving employees deeper or more specialized education.

Courses offered by Organization & Professional Development are free to all SHRA and EHRA employees of the University. By investing in the careers of its employees, Carolina seeks to help increase employees’ job effectiveness and advance the quality of their work life.

Enrollment in these focus areas is not required. These groups of classes are offered as suggested curricula for employees to concentrate their learning in a given area.

Please Note: In addition to instructor-led courses, Carolina staff and faculty members also have unlimited access to Lynda.com. Lynda.com has over 2,400 video tutorials on software, technology, design, business and career development topics. You can access the site here.

If you have questions about the focus areas, contact Organization & Professional Development at 919-962-2550 or training_development@unc.edu.