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Organization Development

The Office of Human Resources and Organization & Professional Development offer developmental consulting to organizational units needing specialized services. Training Specialists are available to provide internal resources and to suggest external resources for dealing with a variety of issues. Services may range from one-on-one to small-or-large group consulting. Examples of developmental needs may include:

  • Coaching (individual and group)
  • Communication
  • Departmental classroom education/training
  • Leadership skills
  • Morale building and stress management
  • Team building


The client will pay for any material expenses used for the program (e.g. assessment instruments, training manuals, etc). The Office of Human Resources does not charge for services.


  • Organization & Professional Development requests that sufficient time be allowed for careful planning and implementation of your request. A minimum of one month advance notice is needed to process requests.
  • To arrange an organizational development program for you or your group, complete the “Organizational Development Request Form” and return it to Organization & Professional Development. Forms are available online (see Training Forms link under Resources) or by contacting Organization & Professional Development at 962-2550 or training_development@unc.edu.
  • A Training Specialist will contact you to review your request and conduct a detailed needs assessment. Goals and desired outcomes for the retreat will also be discussed.