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Supervisory/Management Training

The Office of Human Resources offers many opportunities for supervisors and managers to learn new skills or to develop existing skills. New supervisors are encouraged to start with the required trainings and follow up with the suggested courses. For more experienced supervisors and managers, there are many courses focusing on areas such as interpersonal competencies, organizational development, and performance management.


Unless otherwise noted, the Office of Human Resources and Organization & Professional Development provides these programs at no cost to individuals or departments.

Required Training for New Supervisors

  • Carolina BEST (Blueprint for Engaged Supervision Training): Every front-line supervisor of SHRA (SPA) employees at the University will participate in this training within the first six months of becoming a supervisor. This training is offered by Organization and Professional Development and is part of being in compliance with the Chancellor’s expectations of the work environment at Carolina. The BEST program emphasizes practical and basic needs of all supervisors, allowing new supervisors the opportunity to reflect on the issues, functions, and challenges involved in leadership roles and supporting their professional development.
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Institute: All new supervisors must attend Equal Employment Opportunity Institute (EEOI) training within the first year of becoming a supervisor. This training is offered by the Office of State Personnel (OSP), is coordinated through the Equal Opportunity and Compliance Office, and addresses EEO law compliance and workplace diversity in state government. The program focuses on developing awareness and building skills to use on the job. NOTE: Although you are required to attend EEOI, you do not need to complete this program prior to attending other training programs. To register or for more information, please contact the Equal Opportunity and Compliance Office at 966-3576.

Suggested Courses for Managers & Supervisors

  • Managing Interactions: a behavioral modeling course for supervisors and managers to learn key principles for building commitment, facilitating improved performance, and following up to improve performance. (12 hours)
  • It Takes All Types: Introduction to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI): an interactive course that examines why we behave the way we do and offers clues to successfully interacting with each other. The MBTI reports your indicated preferences and the information is used to help you gain insight into how your personality type affects your work performance. (4 hours)
View the wide variety of available courses on the ConnectCarolina training enrollment site

Outstanding Encouragement of Learning and Development (OELD) Award

  • Specifically created to recognize supervisors who excel in supporting employee learning
  • Includes 24 hours paid time off, an elegant plaque, and automatic nomination for a Chancellor’s Award in the category of Human Relations
  • Awarded annually in May, in collaboration with the Office of Human Resources and the University Managers Association (UMA)
  • Employees or managers interested in nominating a supervisor for the OELD award or who want more information should contact Organization & Professional Development at 962-2550 or training_development@unc.edu.

Campus-Wide Programs for Experienced Managers

Organization & Professional Development offers the University Leadership Education and Development (ULEAD) program, an intense program for high-potential, high-performing UNC-Chapel Hill and NC Central University managers. Participants are selected through a nomination process.
The objectives of ULEAD are to:
  • Expand participants’ knowledge, skills, and abilities, which are critical needs in a changing University environment.
  • Increase awareness of professional strengths and developmental needs.
  • Network with other leaders at UNC-Chapel Hill and NC Central University to provide ongoing feedback and support systems.
The program includes six day-long classroom sessions, use of a multi-rater instrument, peer coaching, participation in a three-week group project, and a leadership development plan. For more information, contact Organization & Professional Development at 962-2550 or training_development@unc.edu.

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