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Temporary Position Posting FAQs

1) Do I need to post temporary positions?

Yes. Most temporary SPA and temporary EPA Non-Faculty positions will need to be posted publicly before they can be filled. However, there are exclusions and permissible reasons to request a waiver of posting.

NOTE: Temporary Faculty positions postings have been delayed until further notice. Post Doc position postings will be delayed up to six months following the January 17, 2012 launch of PeopleAdmin.

2) Why do I need to post temporary positions?

UNC-Chapel Hill is required to comply with the Jobs for Veterans Act regulations. The goal of the Act is to make it easier for veterans to find jobs when they leave military service – a goal the University fully supports. This amendment to the Vietnam Era Veterans’ Readjustment Assistance Act requires government contractors to list job openings using an appropriate public posting method.

3) Are any temporary positions exempt from posting?

Yes. The following positions are exempt from the posting requirement:

    • UNC-Chapel Hill student employee positions including undergraduate and graduate students, Resident Assistants, Teaching Assistants and Work Study Students.
    • Positions with zero-based salary and zero-based FTE.
    • Positions/vacancies filled by UTS or an outside staffing agency.
4) Do student temporary positions need to be posted?

Departments seeking to hire current UNC-Chapel Hill students are excluded from the posting requirement. However, departments open to hiring non-UNC-Chapel Hill students will need to post the position or request a waiver, if appropriate.

5) Do positions filled through University Temporary Services (UTS) need to be posted?

No, utilizing UTS fulfills the posting requirement.

6) How do I access PeopleAdmin to post Temporary Positions?

Departments may access PeopleAdmin via ConnectCarolina.

7) How long does a temporary position need to be posted?

The minimum posting period for an EPA or SPA temporary position is three (3) calendar days.

8) Can a posting close on a weekend?

Yes, postings for temporary positions can close on a weekend.

9) Can I request a waiver of the three (3) day posting period?

Yes. Permissible reasons have been developed to request a waiver of the three calendar day posting period. The list of permissible reasons includes the following:

    • Director level positions that supervise one or more staff, with department or University-wide policy making/decision authority
    • Retirees returning to the same department
    • Retirees returning to a comparable position within the University
    • Temporary employees returning to the same department within 60 days of completion of their 31-day break
    • Temporary employees performing additional duties within the same department
    • Seasonal temporary employees who return each year
    • UNC-Chapel Hill employees being placed in a temporary position following layoff/discontinuation
    • Student employees who continue to work in the same department after graduation
    • Prevention/avoidance of critical work stoppage
    • Unusual and exceptional circumstances where an individual selected possesses specific and unique skills
    • Position assignments lasting three days or less
    • Temporary hire commitments made prior to go-live (90-day grace period)

A waiver may be requested as part of the posting process in PeopleAdmin.

10) What is the turnaround time between a department submitting a posting and the Office of Human Resources (OHR) or Equal Opportunity Office (EO) receiving the posting?

Submitted postings will be available to OHR and EO immediately.

11) What is the turnaround time for OHR and EO to approve postings?

OHR and EO will make every effort to approve postings as quickly as possible. Postings will be approved by OHR (Temp-SPA) or EO (Temp-EPA) within two business days. Approved posting will appear on the job board within moments of OHR and EO approval.

12) When does the 3 day posting period for temps begin?

The posting period will begin as soon as the Office of Human Resources (for Temp-SPA) and the Equal Opportunity Office (for Temp-EPA) approve the posting.

13) Will the posting automatically be removed?

Yes, positions will automatically be removed from the job site at 11:59pm EST on the closing date.

14) Can you set an advanced posting date?

Yes. In order to set an advanced posting date, Departments will set the Posting Open Date to the day they need the posting to appear on the job site. The posting will appear on the PeopleAdmin job board at midnight on the posting open date.

15) What is the maximum number of days a position can be posted?

There is no maximum number of days a position can be posted.

16) How often will position data feeds from EPAWeb to PeopleAdmin occur?

EPAWeb position information for Temporary EPA Non-Faculty positions will be sent to PeopleAdmin twice daily; once at 6am and again at noon. As such, there may be some lag time between position data approvals in EPAWeb and the information updating in PeopleAdmin. Approved position information updates in EPAWeb will be available in PeopleAdmin within one business day. If there is an immediate need for position data to be updated in PeopleAdmin, contact the Equal Opportunity Office at equalopportunity@unc.edu or (919) 966-3576.

17) Is a position number being assigned for Temp-SPA positions in the new recruitment system?

No. However a Vacancy ID will be generated for every posting. This is a unique number associated with the particular posting and is similar to the Recruitment ID. A position number will continue to be assigned when an individual is hired in HRIS.

18) Will OHR and/or EO have to approve the selected candidate(s) before an offer can be extended?

No. Departments do not need OHR or EO approval before extending an offer of temporary employment. Departments are responsible for documenting and approving their offers of temporary employment via the Selection and Hiring Proposal process in PeopleAdmin.

19) Will I still use EPAWeb once PeopleAdmin is in use?

Yes, you will. The new system will not replace EPAWeb. EPAWeb will continue to be used for EPA personnel and position management actions.

20) How much training do I have to attend before I can get PeopleAdmin access?

Individuals who will initiate or originate actions in PeopleAdmin will only need to sign up for one training class in order to be granted access.

21) Who must attend training?

Training is mandatory for individuals who will initiate and originate temporary postings in PeopleAdmin. Access to PeopleAdmin will not be granted until training has been completed.

22) Will the system allow a department to have multiple users in the same role?

Yes, similar to our current recruitment systems, departments can assign multiple users to the same role in the PeopleAdmin system.

23) When is a new Background Check necessary?

Background Checks are necessary for new temporary employees or temporary employees who are returning after a break in service. If a department hires a temporary employee who has not had a break in service or is a UNC Chapel Hill student, then a background check is not necessary.