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Lactation Support


This policy provides guidelines that will assist in the development of work/life balance initiatives to support the wellness and health of employees. This policy is in compliance with The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (H.R. 3590) which was signed into law on March 23, 2010.

Research has shown that lactation support is beneficial to the working, nursing mother and her child as well as to employers by decreasing medical expenses; reducing absenteeism; increasing employee retention; and improving morale in the workplace.


All permanent and temporary employees are eligible under this policy.


The University will assist working mothers with the transition back to work following the birth of a child by providing lactation support. A lactation support program allows a nursing mother to express breast milk periodically during the work day.


The University shall provide space, privacy, and time for nursing mothers to express breast milk by doing the following:

  • Designated Space – The University shall provide a private space that is not in a restroom or other common area. The space should have a door that can be secured or locked, adequate lighting and seating, and electrical outlets for pumping equipment.
  • Time – Departments may require the employee to use the regularly scheduled paid break time to express breast milk. If time is needed beyond the regularly scheduled paid break times, the agency shall make reasonable efforts to allow employees to use paid leave or unpaid time for this purpose.
  • Storage – Employees will be responsible for storage of the expressed breast milk.


If you have questions about the Lactation Support Policy, contact your school/division’s HR Office or contact the Benefits Consultant assigned to work with your department.