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The Office of Human Resources is honored to recognize our UNC-Chapel Hill employees who have reached milestones in their years of state service – from five years to 55 years. We are especially proud to have three employees who have recently reached their 50th year of service, and one employee who has reached their 55th year.

Among those who have reached their 50th year of service are Myra Daniel & Kuo-Hsiung Lee. We recently learned a bit more about Myra and Kuo-Hsiung – their roles here on campus, their favorite things about Carolina, and their interests and hobbies outside of work. Join us in getting to know these two Tar Heels a bit more, and help us celebrate their combined century of dedication to the University.

Myra Daniel: UNC School of Medicine

Myra Daniel with two of her horses, Vido Barbarino (“Vido”) and Magikhat (“Khat”).

What is your position at UNC?

Medical Student and AHEC (Area Health Education Centers) Administrative Coordinator. Primarily I coordinate the Psychiatry resident activities at AHEC sites across North Carolina and the fourth-year medical student course assignments.

What is your favorite part of working in your role at UNC?

The people! I get to work with really interesting people like AHEC Behavioral Coordinators (who do Continuing Education Development programming). Across the state there are nine AHEC regions, and I get to work with all nine of these groups, whether it be in Greensboro or at the coast. I also work with all of the 50+ residents in my department. I get to know almost every resident who receives their psychiatric training in my department, and I’ve done that since 1996. I enjoy, particularly, working with the UNC SOM students, the residents, and the AHEC employees at Central AHEC in Chapel Hill and most of their regions.

Do you have a favorite memory, story, or anecdote from your time at Carolina that you’d like to share with us?

The funniest thing that happened to me in all my years at Carolina was the day that I retired in 2000 (before coming back part-time). The Department Chair came to my retirement party dressed as a gorilla because it was Halloween! He had a tradition since his residency days of always wearing his Halloween suit to work. I had known him for years, and he had a great sense of humor.

What is something about your job at UNC that most people might not know?

Outside of my unit, most of my colleagues would not know how deeply involved I am with the AHEC program. I also get to work with other AHEC liaisons at Duke, East Carolina and Wake Forest.

Do you have a favorite location on or around campus here in Chapel Hill? Tell us about it.

I like the botanical gardens – it’s fun to go there.

Where are you from originally? What do you love about calling North Carolina home? 

I grew up in Lexington, N.C. (the barbecue capitol of the world!). I love going to the mountains, and go every chance I get.  I like the fact that you can go from the mountains to the beach in about four hours.

When you’re not working, how do you like to spend your time?

I read a lot, and I have three Arabian horses that I ride and show. When I’m exhibiting my horses in Arabian breed shows, I show side-saddle and native costume. More locally, I exhibit my horses in English pleasure, hunter pleasure, working western and western pleasure, depending on which horse I ride.  I grew up with horses, getting my love and enthusiasm from my grandfather, who bred and raised ponies to be used for pony rides at fairs. My sister and I both love Blowing Rock and trail riding and many years have used our vacation time in September and October to camp and ride horses in Blowing Rock on the Moses Cone estate. Taking care of my small equine “herd”  is a lot of work, but very satisfying and great for keeping in shape.

Do you have any “fun facts” or hidden talents that your UNC colleagues may not know about?

I love working crossword puzzles, and used to design and make my own costumes for my Arabian horses for their native costume classes.

What is your secret to longevity here at UNC? What advice would you give to others who would like to make it to this milestone that you’ve achieved? 

Love what you’re doing and the people that you work with.

For me, the remarkable thing is that I’ve stayed in the same department my entire career at UNC.  I’ve never had any desire to leave. I just liked the people in Psychiatry so much, faculty, residents and staff.   I’ve always enjoyed working with all of them; my supervisors have been wonderful to work with. I have been treated with respect and by most as an equal and friend. The camaraderie has been always made my work more than just a job. I’ve been lucky to have been able to achieve promotions and grow within my department.  I never had any desire to go elsewhere.

If I had to give people advice, I would say if you are able, go – or stay – wherever you are happiest.   Make friendships and form bonds with your colleagues.  Don’t take a job that you don’t like just to make more money.  Be excited about what you’re doing. If you can achieve that in your job, you’ll be a lot happier both in and outside of your job.

If you could switch jobs with another staff member at UNC for a day, who would it be? Why?

The person I’d switch with is Maureen Rosen, in Student Affairs in the medical school. She seems to be involved in practically everything from day one of the MS1 year through MS4 graduation, she knows all of the students, and she knows practically all of the faculty as much as its possible. She always seems enthusiastic and happy with her position.  If I have a question, I always call her because she will either know the answer or can tell me who does!

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