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To: HR Officers and Secondary Contacts
From: Noreen Montgomery, Senior Director Employment & Staffing
Re: Operational Excellence “Posting to Offer Acceptance” Goal for EHRA Non-Faculty Recruitments

The Operational Excellence Initiative continues to uphold the goal of creating a high-functioning administrative operation that fully supports UNC-Chapel Hill’s key mission of teaching, learning and research. Thanks to the efforts of many across the University, the Early Impact Hiring project goal to reduce the average hire time for SHRA and EHRA Non-Faculty positions has steadily remained below the baseline average identified at the start of Operational Excellence. As we continue to focus our efforts on completing the hire process from posting to offer acceptance in 45 days, we recognize certain challenges that are specific to EHRA Non-Faculty recruitments.

Due to the complexity and uniqueness of most EHRA Non-Faculty positions, nearly half of all positions are taking longer than 60 days to fill. Most notably, 75% of these positions are within the areas of Research, Information Technology, Development and senior-level Academic professionals. As most are aware, recruiting for positions in these categories often requires significant advertising and additional posting time beyond the 14-day minimum posting period to identify and select top talent. In addition, search committees for senior-level positions in these categories regularly include additional stages of interviews and members located in various units throughout the University, often resulting in scheduling challenges.

In consideration of the challenges that are specific to EHRA Non-Faculty positions, coupled with supporting data affirming an average hire time above 45 days across all divisions, senior leadership has approved the implementation of a 60-day posting to offer acceptance goal for EHRA Non-Faculty positions! Increasing the goal to 60 days will allow for additional time to adequately post, advertise and complete the search process for EHRA Non-Faculty positions while continuing to remain below the 110-day baseline identified at the start of the Operational Excellence Initiative.

All new EHRA Non-Faculty recruitments with an effective date (posted date) of August 23, 2021, or after will include the 60-day goal in both the Hiring and Executive dashboards, while all “in flight” recruitments that are currently in progress will include the 45-day goal until the recruitment is complete with an offer accepted date. That being said, there will be a bit of a transition period; however, your assigned Talent Acquisition Partner will work with HR Representatives during weekly war rooms to review current hiring data. Please note the EHRA Non-Faculty 60-day goal will not include Tier I Senior Academic and Administrative positions. These roles require a minimum 30-day posting period and commonly include the services of a search firm. As such, these positions will no longer be reflected in the dashboards.

The Carolina Hiring Playbook (full and abridged versions) will be updated to reflect the 60-day goal for EHRA Non-Faculty positions and also include updated best practices for average number of days for each stage of the hiring journey.

Should you have questions regarding the new 60-day posting to offer accepted goal for EHRA Non-Faculty positions, please contact your assigned Talent Acquisition Partner.


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