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Open Enrollment

August 21, 2023

…n Enrollment information applies only to UNC-Chapel Hill benefits-eligible permanent employees (permanent full- and part-time SHRA, EHRA Non-Faculty and Faculty working a minimum of 20 hours a week). For more information about benefits eligibility, please visit the Benefits Eligibility webpage. Eligible temporary employees working 30 hours or more per week may be eligible to enroll in the State Health Plan’s High Deductible Health Plan. Eligible t…

Selecting & Hiring Candidates for SHRA Permanent Employment

January 6, 2017

…ing the recruitment/interviewing/hiring process: Recruiting Applicants for SHRA Permanent Employment Reviewing and Interviewing Candidates for SHRA Permanent Employment Selecting and Hiring Candidates for SHRA Permanent Employment Employment for SHRA employees is offered based upon the job-related qualifications of applicants using fair and valid selection criteria and upon satisfactory completion of all relevant reference checking, pre-employment

Employment Policies for EHRA Non-Faculty Instructional, Research and Information Technology Staff, and Tier II Senior Academic and Administrative Officers

August 1, 2017

…and as both policies are subsequently amended. Application Prior Versions & Policy References References in appointment letters and other University policies which may refer to Sections I.B. and Section III of the “Employment Policies for EHRA Non-Faculty Employees of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill” which had been last revised as of September 25, 2003, are now covered by the most equivalent sections of the “Employment Policies fo…

Pandemic and Communicable Disease Emergency Policy

July 28, 2017

…only mandatory employees are required to report to work, the non-mandatory SHRA permanent employees who are not required to work must be granted paid administrative leave for up to 30 calendar days. Non-mandatory EHRA permanent employees, at the discretion of the University President or Chancellor or Chancellor’s designee, may be granted paid administrative leave for up to 30 calendar days. The employee’s pay must continue at the same rate the emp…

Background Checks for Faculty and Non-Faculty Employees, Student Employees and Affiliates Policy

January 12, 2017

…nt, etc.). Background Check Requirements & Exceptions Paid Appointments I. SHRA Permanent Requirement(s) Initial appointment resulting from a competitive recruitment Subsequent job changes resulting from a competitive recruitment Exception(s) Employee is reclassified, remaining in same position with similar duties (including SHRA-to-EHRA conversions) Employee moves from one University position to another in same or different work unit and has had…

Faculty Serious Illness, Major Disability & Parental Leave Policy

September 27, 2023

…d/or parental leave will not affect the terms and conditions of his or her employment. The University will not discriminate in any manner against a faculty member on the basis of that faculty member having exercised his or her rights to a leave under the terms and conditions set forth in this Policy. Faculty members who meet the eligibility requirements for federal Family and Medical Leave described in Section I(c) and Section II(d) above may be e…