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TO: HR Officers and Secondary Contacts
FROM: Adam Beck, Sr. Director, Classification & Compensation

We have received a clarification from the System Office regarding the recent change in pre-approval thresholds. This applies to salary increases related to a reason of labor market. While the University will still have authority to approve labor market increases up to 115% of the market rate locally, going forward per guidance from the UNC System Office those salaries that exceed 110% of market will need to have additional justification to support the request.

The additional justification will need to center on market-based data and other information that supports the requested salary. When submitting these requests, please provide any market, turnover, equity, or other relevant information that you have available. OHR will work to supplement the justification as needed with our resources. This change will likely only impact SHRA salary requests.

If you have questions, please contact your Classification & Compensation Consultant, and we will work together to navigate this additional requirement.


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