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2023 Updates

for Open Enrollment

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2023 Updates for Open Enrollment

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One of the biggest changes this year is the fact that we will now have two enrollment portals. This is because the UNC System will be taking over the life insurance plan and several other plans that have been under NCFlex.

  • The Life Insurance Plans will be merged into one policy which will allow for reduced rates and enhanced benefits.
  • Any NCFlex Life Insurance and/or AD&D coverage you may already have will be automatically pulled into the new consolidated UNC plan for 2023.
  • You can make any changes you would like to these plans in the UNC System Enrollment Portal.

Just like in years past, you’ll make your benefits selections by logging in to ConnectCarolina Self Service and selecting the My Benefits tile. But this year under the Benefits Enrollment menu option, you’ll see two portal links: one for the State Enrollment Portal and one for the UNC System Enrollment Portal.

    You’ll use the State Enrollment Portal for health insurance, dental, vision, flexible spending accounts, accident plans, TRICARE supplement coverage. This is also the portal you will use for completing your tobacco attestation and choosing the Enhanced (80/20) health plan or Base (70/30) plan.

    You’ll use the UNC System Enrollment Portal for enrolling in group term life insurance, accidental death & dismemberment, cancer & specified disease, and critical illness plans.

To make enrolling in your benefits as easy as possible, we’re creating visual guides (that include screenshots) for both portals. View, print or download step-by-step instructions on the How to Enroll page. Guides will be available during the Open Enrollment period, Oct. 10–28.


State Health Plan

  • Health premiums are not increasing.
  • The 70/30 plan will be called the Base plan, and the 80/20 plan will be called the Enhanced plan.
  • A new Joint Replacement Program for knee, hip or shoulder replacement surgery is available for eligible employees.
    • If eligible, all the costs associated with your surgery will be bundled together and you will pay only one copay, which is $900 for the Base (70/30) plan or $600 for the Enhanced (80/20) plan. (Normally these surgeries would have an out-of-pocket cost to you of over $6,000.)
    • You can read more about this program on the Joint Replacement Program page of the State Health Plans website.
  • Clear Pricing Project (CCP) is continuing for 2023.
    • You’ll have a $0 copay and reduced specialist copays if you select a CCP provider as your Primary Care Provider.

For more information about the State Health Plan:



Accident Plan

  • Changes from a single plan to a two-option plan: high and low options.
  • The high option will feature a new Wellness Benefit and Voya Travel Assistance.


  • Dental insurance premiums will have a small increase.

NCFlex Life Insurance

  • Those with NCFlex coverage on Dec. 31, 2022, will have their policy value moved into the UNC Life Insurance plan on Jan. 1, 2023.
  • Current NCFlex coverage ends Dec. 31, 2022, for UNC System employees.
  • Maximum coverage limit for the UNC Life Insurance is increasing to accommodate those who might have the maximum value in both life insurance plans currently.

For more information about NCFlex:


UNC System Benefits

Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D)

  • As of Jan. 1, 2023, all employees will automatically be enrolled for free in $10,000 of UNC Core AD&D coverage.
  • Both the Core and Voluntary AD&D plans are moving to UNC System Benefits.

Cancer & Specified Disease

  • Plan premiums are decreasing.
  • Evidence of Insurability (medical underwriting) will not be required to enroll.
  • This plan is moving to UNC System Benefits.

Critical Illness

  • Evidence of Insurability (medical underwriting) will not be required to enroll.
  • This plan is moving to a new vendor, Voya.
  • This plan is moving to UNC System Benefits.

For more information about UNC System Benefits:



This information applies only to UNC-Chapel Hill benefits-eligible permanent employees (permanent full- and part-time SHRA, EHRA Non-Faculty and Faculty working a minimum of 20 hours a week). For more information about benefits eligibility, please visit