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Dependent children are eligible for coverage under various benefit offerings until the age of 26 regardless of full-time student status. If a covered dependent exceeds the maximum age, it is the employee’s responsibility to remove their dependent children from his or her benefit elections by completing a change action in the enrollment system or by email to the benefits office for the after-tax plans.

Coverage for ineligible dependents will terminate on the last day of the month in which the child turns 26. The child may be eligible to continue coverage under COBRA, if reported timely. Employees may contact the benefit vendor for information.

Employees must complete the change online to remove their dependent(s). All changes must be processed using the benefits enrollment system (Log into ConnectCarolina –>Click on Self Service –> Click BENEFITS ENROLLMENT).

If your dependent children were covered under the University’s Group Term Life Plan (MetLife) and/or AD&D Plan (Reliance Standard) you will need to complete the appropriate forms to drop their coverage. Please visit the Benefits Forms section of this website and navigate to Insurance Forms.

Complete the MetLife and/or Reliance Standard forms and return them to the Benefits Services Department’s Campus Box—CB# 1045.

You may want to review your beneficiaries under your life insurance and retirement programs and make any necessary changes. Please review the Beneficiary Designations page for more information.
You may want to review you federal and state tax withholdings and make any necessary adjustments. To make changes to your current tax withholdings complete updated W-4 (federal) and/or NC-4 (State) tax forms and send them to Payroll Services. View all Payroll Forms.