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Stress takes a physical toll on the body. It causes fatigue, tension, nervousness and loss of appetite. The key to avoiding these tolls and keeping stress in check is resilience, which can be strengthened by improving self-esteem, developing a strong system of social support and taking care of your physical and mental health. Here’s how:

Maintain Strong Connections with Family and Friends

Having strong, positive relationships with others provides a cushion of acceptance and support that can help you weather tough times.

Avoid Viewing Problems as Impossible

You have probably handled and survived difficult situations in the past. Learn from these experiences and be confident that you will get through the current crisis, too.

Accept That Change Is Part of Living

The reality is that certain things cannot be controlled. What is important is how you respond to the situation. Accepting the change makes it easier to move forward with your life.

Keep a Long-term Perspective and Hopeful Outlook

Even though your feelings may be overwhelming at times, try to stay positive. Set goals for yourself so that you can feel productive and purposeful every day, and create longer-term goals so that you have a direction for your future.

Take Care of Your Physical and Mental Health

It’s especially important when you are feeling stressed to continue to eat a healthy diet and get adequate sleep and regular exercise. Alcohol and caffeine can increase stress levels; avoid or reduce their consumption.

Get Support and Resources from GuidanceResources®, your Employee Assistance Program

If you need help dealing with a personal crisis, or would like additional resources and strategies for improving your resilience, contact GuidanceResources for confidential counseling and other services.

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