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Need help or have questions about Carolina Talent | Learning? Submit a Service Request by logging into and searching for “Carolina Talent.”

We’re excited to introduce Carolina Talent’s newest module, Learning. 

Learning will help you find the professional development opportunities that the university offers, including online courses from LinkedIn Learning. In this page you will find reference materials, tips for navigating Learning, Quick Reference Cards for managers, Frequently Asked Questions, and more. 

Accessing Carolina Talent 
You can access Carolina Talent by going to ConnectCarolina and clicking the Learning tile on the Self Service home page.

Getting Up to Speed 

To get familiar with Learning, we recommend that you watch this brief online learning session: Learning: Searching for and Signing Up for Training

Some Tips to Get You Started 

As you begin using the system, remember:

  • When working with menus, remember “hover, hover, click.”  In Carolina Talent, instead of clicking each menu choice, you hover over an option to display the next menu and only click on the final choice.
  • Pop-ups:  Carolina Talent uses pop-ups frequently. Be sure to accept pop-ups in your browser (you’ll need to do this for each browser you use and for both Carolina Talent and LinkedIn Learning).
  • LinkedIn Learning:  First activate your LinkedIn Learning account (if you’ve already activated your account, no need to do it again). Then if you want the LinkedIn Learning training on your UNC training transcript, start the course from Carolina Talent. If you don’t, start it directly from LinkedIn Learning.
If you’re a supervisor or manager, you can assign training to your team members and review the training they’ve completed. View the PDFs below for step-by-step instructions.

How do I get LinkedIn Learning classes to show up on my transcript in Carolina Talent? 

To have LinkedIn Learning training show on your transcript in Carolina Talent, you first need to activate your LinkedIn Learning account through the ITS website (If you already have an active account, you don’t need to do it again.) Then you always need to start the training from Carolina Talent.  

There’s a LinkedIn Learning course I want to take, but I don’t want it to be part of my training transcript. Is there a way to take the course without it showing up? 

Yes, if you access the course through the ITS website at (that is, without going through Carolina Talent), the course is not added to your transcript. Conversely, be sure to always go through Carolina Talent for any courses you want to show on your training transcript. When you complete the course in LinkedIn Learning, the course will show as completed in Carolina Talent within 24 hours (often more quickly). 

How much training history is stored in Carolina Talent? 

All the training history that was in ConnectCarolina is stored in Carolina Talent, so any professional development courses taken through the Equal Opportunity and Compliance Office and the Office of Human Resources since 1991 will be stored in Carolina Talent. The exception is certain “sensitive” classes on personal topics such as Preparing for Parental Leave or “Understanding Depression,” which will not be Carolina Talent. 

I’ve found an online course that I want to take, but it won’t open. What’s wrong? 

It may be that your browser has a pop-up blocker turned on. It’s important to turn off your browser’s popup blocker when taking training in Carolina Talent because it often shows training and messages in pop-up windows. If you use different browsers, you will most likely have to do this in each browser. You may also have to do this when in LinkedIn Learning. 

My team offers training. How can we start offering our classes through Carolina Talent? 

For now only professional development opportunities offered by the Office of Human Resources, the Equal Opportunity and Compliance Office, and LinkedIn Learning will be available to permanent employees in Carolina Talent. After a stabilization period, other campus training departments will be brought on board, with an early focus on compliance training.   

Every school and division was given the opportunity to have a Learning Lead to represent your organization in conversations with the Carolina Talent team. If you have classes you’d like to offer in Carolina Talent in the future, let your Learning Lead know. You can find your Learning Lead on the Carolina Talent page under “Project Team.”    

If your school or division doesn’t have a Learning Lead, you may want to talk with your HR Officer about your school or division’s plans for establishing one. Find your HR Officer.

I’m a director—can I see the training records of everyone in my department?  

You can see the training records for everyone who reports to you, both directly and indirectly.  Carolina Talent pulls your reporting relationship from ConnectCarolina.  If you can‘t see the training records, check with your HR Representative to see if the reporting relationships are correct in ConnectCarolina.

I’m a manager—can I see the training records of the people who report to me? 

Yes. You can see the training records for everyone who reports to you, both directly and indirectly. Read these step-by-step instructions to learn how to find your employees’ training records.

I’m a manager—can I assign training to the people who report to me? 

Yes. You can assign training to everyone who reports to you, both directly and indirectly. Read these step-by-step instructions to find out how to assign training to your employees.

I need help with Learning in Carolina Talent. Who do I contact? 

If you have questions or need help with using Learning, give the Help Desk a call at 919-962-HELP, and choose the option for Business Systems Help Desk from the menu. You can also submit a help request at 

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About Carolina Talent 

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has partnered with Cornerstone, a global leader of cloud-based talent management software solutions, to bring a comprehensive Human Resources Talent Management System to you. This integrated system, which we are calling Carolina Talent, will support our ability to plan for, attract, develop, engage and retain top talent to our University.