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As we are anticipating progress toward a final state budget soon and recognizing the upcoming major projects of the Full Position Management launch and Open Enrollment, we are simplifying the requirements for the HR Essential Action review. Effective immediately, the following action types may proceed without essential review, following standard policies and requirements:

  • Creating and/or posting temporary employee positions and hiring temporary employees (including direct hire temps, UTS temps and postdocs)
  • Returning temporary employees from mandatory break
  • Creating and/or posting time-limited SHRA positions
    • Initiating or extending temporary salary adjustments with a salary or for a duration that is within local campus approval (currently only permitted for acting or interim roles against a vacancy [see one exception below])

The following action types will still require the essential review as previously established:

  • Creating and/or posting permanent positions and hiring permanent employees
  • Permanent salary adjustments allowable under the current pause and freeze for in-place employees (currently only permitted for critical retention)
  • Promotional increases will continue as previously established for faculty, non-faculty, and SHRA. For NF/SHRA, HR Essential Action approval to post a position includes    approval for an increase to be requested for an internal candidate. A separate HR Essential Action submission is not required. Normal University and/or UNC System Office (if  applicable) review and approval requirements for the salary amount apply.
  • Existing temporary supplements that require submission to System Office to extend
  • Secondary administrative supplements for faculty

Any pending actions that no longer require essential review may continue to move forward immediately. Please note actions are still subject to the pause on non-essential HR actions and the OSBM freeze pending finalization of a state budget. All other normal review and approval requirements still apply. If you have questions about a specific circumstance, please contact your assigned Classification & Compensation Consultant, EHRA Non-Faculty HR Consultant, Talent Acquisition Partner or APO HR Consultant as appropriate.

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