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The University system has temporarily suspendedall non-essential HR actions including salary adjustments, position actions (including creating new positions or modifications to existing positions), and recruitment activities (postings, hires, etc.). Exceptions to this temporary suspension may be granted by the Chancellor or his designee only under the following specific circumstances: 

  • when necessary to support COVID-19 response, including any healthcare or clinical operations;  
  • when necessary to support or augment other clearly essential University operations at the discretion of the  Chancellor without ability to  delay;
  • when mandated by law or policy, including critical compliance obligations, without ability todelay;  
  • when required by employment contract without ability to delay; or
  • as otherwise directed by the Presidentor his designee. 

How to proceed with HR actions

Please visit This page includes a required form for requesting approval for a mission critical HR action. 

Examples of essential and mission critical positions

Some examples include,but are not limited to, positions performing public health and patient care, public safety, operation of critical infrastructure and facilities, operation and safety of sensitive research labs, supporting the humane care of laboratory research animals, the care of persons or property for whom the University has a duty to continue to serve, and remaining onsite student and instructional support services.  

Requesting a hiring action

For any type of hiring action, campus units must examine and determine if the work is mission critical and cannot be deferred to a later date. For those that are deemed mission critical and need to move forward, HR representatives must complete the form provided at and submit for review and approval by the Chancellor or his designee for the following designations:  

  • Permanent SHRA, EHRA non-faculty and faculty hires that are not fully grant funded.  
  • Direct hire and UTS temporary SHRA hires that are not fully grant funded. 
  • Temporary EHRA non-faculty and faculty hires that are not fully grant funded. 
  • Postdocs that are not fully grant funded.  

The following designations do not need to use the form and may be submitted as usual:  

  • New position establishments and requests to post vacant positions that are fully grant funded
  • Independent Contractors 
  • Work-studypositions
  • Unpaid volunteers 
  • Interns 
  • Visiting scholars 
  • Graduate Research Assistants, Teaching Assistants, andother student employee types 

As noted, independent contractor requests can be submitted via the normal process. The Accounts Payable department is reaching out to requesters with pending requests to confirm if requested services will go on remotely, or if their pending requests should be deleted. For additional questions about independent contractors please contact Requests for domestic ICs can be submitted through ConnectCarolina. Foreign independent contractor requests should be submitted through as usual. For more specific questions, please email Janet Rupert, Director of Accounts Payable, at 

Grant-Funded Actions

Non-state funding sources do not impact the guidance on salary and position actions, with one exception. You can complete hiring actions and new position establishments on fully grant-funded positions so long as funding contingencies are provided for in any appointment (should the grant funds end). This exception is not meant to allow nonessential salary or position actions,and these hiring actions should be limited to essential positions.   

For these actions, please include in the comments that the position is fully grant funded. Other types  of actions, such as reclassifications and salary increase requests, are subject to the pause on nonessential HR actions. Also, partially grant funded actions of all types must be submitted through the process outlined at for the Chancellor or his designee review and approval.