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To: HR Officers and Secondary Contacts
From: Linc Butler, Sr. Associate Vice Chancellor for HR and Academic Personnel

This memo is to communicate that LMAR increases and discretionary one-time bonuses for EHRA employees have been loaded into production in Connect Carolina. LMAR increases for SHRA employees will have a November 21st effective date and will be included in the December 16th paycheck. LMAR increases for EHRA employees will have a December 1st effective date and will be included in the December 23rd paycheck. Discretionary one-time bonuses for EHRA employees will also be included in the December 23rd paycheck.

Some important points to note:

  • We monitored for terminations that occurred on or before the LMAR increase effective dates (11/21/2022 for SHRA and 12/01/2022 for EHRA) and removed those employees from the load file. For employees with a termination date occurring after those two dates, their LMAR increase was left in the load file, and they will receive the LMAR rate for the period from the effective date of the increase until their termination date.
  • When we identified cases where an employee transferred to a different position in a different unit, we removed the LMAR increase from the load file (For example, if the employee transferred from School of Nursing to ITS).
    We identified some cases where an employee’s position was reclassified to a different level or band between the time the LMAR spreadsheets were produced and yesterday’s load to production in Connect Carolina. Those employees were removed from the LMAR load file and will be evaluated manually to see if the new level and band was included in the LMAR by their unit and whether the employee would have been due an increase. If you have employees from your area that are impacted by this, your assigned EHRA HR Consultant or Classification and Compensation Consultant (depending on the employee’s position type) will be in touch with you to discuss.
  • We are working 15 mid-stacks errors manually today that likely are not showing in InfoPorte data at this time but will in the next day or so.

You should now move forward with notifying your employees of their LMAR increase or EHRA discretionary bonus. Given the turnaround time, you may need to contact SHRA employees by phone and follow up with written notifications. For reference, the new salary resulting from the LMAR increase is now visible in InfoPorte HR Employees tab. The JOB: Salary Alignment report and the JOB: Active Employee Roster on the HR/Payroll Reporting Dashboard in ConnectCarolina are also showing the updated salaries today. The discretionary one-time bonuses for EHRA employees will be visible in the Payroll Prelim reports after noon on December 14th.

Should you have any questions about the LMAR increases or EHRA discretionary bonuses, please contact:

  • Your assigned EHRA HR Consultant for EHRA LMAR increases and EHRA discretionary bonuses.
  • Your assigned Classification and Compensation Consultant for SHRA LMAR increases.


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