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Dear HR Officer:

During the Full Position Management implementation, it was announced that schools/divisions are to move all SHRA position descriptions online within a year after the implementation. The deadline for this activity will be Dec. 31, 2022. Please note that functions must be assigned to EHRA Non-Faculty positions by this deadline as well.

In an effort to support your organization’s On-Line Position Description data entry into ConnectCarolina, we are excited to share that a new temporary security role is being made available. This new role may be given by the HR Officer to support personnel (regular or temp) who are assisting with this project. Due to security constraints, the role may only be given to individuals who do not have any other administrative access to the ConnectCarolina HR/Payroll system. This means it is not available to HR Reps, Basic Originators, Student Originators or Approvers. It is intended solely for administrative support personnel who are assisting with data entry. The role will only be available for the duration of the project and, as such, will be disabled at the end of October 2022.

This temporary security access will allow users to create Position ePARs and also to view the *NEW* Position ePARs within their specific department security. No other access will be granted as part of this new security role.

To request this access, you will need to complete a Campus HR Systems Access Request Form.

  1. Write “Position Support (Temporary)” in the space marked “Other.”
  2. Enter the department(s) that this user should be able to access.
  3. Gather signatures and submit the form through your Access Request Coordinator.

The requesting department is responsible for providing adequate training for users granted this temporary security access, and the department assumes responsibility for reviewing the work completed by these resources. In addition, the department must request security access termination when the On-Line Position Description data entry for the unit is complete. The Campus HR Systems Access Request Form would again be used for this purpose.

For more information on how to prepare your resource(s) for this new role and the related data entry, please visit the Full Position Management – SHRA Position Description website, view the HR Representative CBT on “Creating Positions” or log a ServiceNow request for additional guidance.

Thank you!

Adam Beck
Sr. Director for Classification and Compensation

Vanessa Ragland
Director of EHRA Non-Faculty HR


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