Campus Unit Finance Leads and HR Officers,

A recent analysis revealed that there are several departments without employees and expenses. There are also several departments with very few employees and very small expenses. This may have resulted from reorganization of the departments, or decisions not to use the department after it was established. This leads to more departments than necessary, and it increases the risk of inaccurate reporting. Please review your department structure, and close out any departments that are not needed.

Here’s a quick guideline to follow in order to accomplish closing out activities for department(s) for deactivation:

For Finance:

  • The chartfield string balances will need to be closed out including budgets, cash, fund balance, requisitions, encumbrances, etc.
  • Review defaults on pCard, commitment accounting funding, CBM module, income allocations, etc. and change accordingly.
  • Review and modify the owning department of source if necessary.
  • The OSR projects will need to be closed out.
  • Review and modify the department workflow if necessary.

The following queries can be used (in RPT) to review financial activities of the department(s):

o   NC_GL_ATTRIBUTE_SOURCE_DPT — to determine if the department id owns sources

o   NC_CPS_TB_DETAILS — to determine if the department id has financial activity

o   NC_GL_DEPT_INACTIVATE — to determine if the department id has finance activity inflight/pending transactions

For Personnel:

  • All positions (including vacant) and active employees/affiliates will need to be moved to another department via ePars (including funding grid).
  • Initiate and complete ePars for lump sum payments (MCD) and fundswaps (PAATs) as necessary to remove the department (deactivation) off of the chartfield string.
  • Review and modify ePar workflow if necessary.

To view personnel activity, go to Infoporte and click on the HR icon, then click on the following tabs to view the information:

  • Employees tab — to determine all appointing employees for the department id
  • Positions tab — to determine all positions including vacant for the department id
  • Affiliates tab — to determine if the department has affiliates assigned to the department id
  • Payroll tab — to determine if the department id has other payroll expenses assigned to it

For Student:

  • Confirm that there are no active students (enrollment) for the academic program tied to the department.  If so, contact student registrar/admissions office to determine the appropriate action.

For Campus Unit Leads, there are materials on the Teams site “UNC-CH Campus Unit Finance Leads” in the folder(click on Files) called “Department ID” for your convenience.  Please collaborate with the HR Officer in your campus unit regarding this initiative.

Attached is the Department Deactivation Request and Checklist form to help you with additional information.  Please complete the form and submit to me.

Please contact me with any questions.


Wendy Andrews
Subject Matter Expert for OEVC&P
Executive Business Manager
Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
224F South Building, CB 8000
200 E. Cameron Ave.
Chapel Hill, 27599-8000
Phone: (919) 962 9301

Department Deactivation Request
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