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These guidelines supplement normal University position classification and search/appointment procedures for “covered” positions. The positions covered by these guidelines include finance/business operations, information technology, and human resources key leadership positions (e.g., Managers/Directors, Assistant/Associate Deans, Assistant/Associate Vice Chancellors) that have responsibilities that are School/College or University-wide in scope or that function as part of a Unified Business Cluster (UBC).

Typically, these are positions that function as part of a Dean’s Office or report to a Vice Chancellor, Associate Vice Chancellor, or Associate Provost.

The University features a decentralized administrative infrastructure that provides broad discretion and flexibility to School and Division leaders to innovate and make local decisions while still maintaining compliance with University-wide policies and procedures.

At the same time, it is important to assure that key School/Division/UBC administrative leadership appointments in the areas of finance, information technology, and human resources are accomplished in close partnership and coordination with counterparts in applicable University central offices.

To this end, key administrative leadership searches for covered positions will be accomplished with the active participation of a designee of the Vice Chancellors of Finance and Administration, Human Resources, or Information Technology as may be applicable given the specific duties of the position under recruitment.

This participation will include consultation regarding the position duties and requirements to be used in recruiting and the participation of a designee of the applicable Vice Chancellor on the hiring unit’s search committee. The Office of Human Resources (OHR) will identify and flag all covered positions in a manner that assures these requirements are satisfied.

Conversely, these guidelines also intend key senior leadership searches in University central offices (e.g., Directors, Senior Directors, and Assistant/Associate Vice Chancellors) that involve finance, information technology, and human resources to involve one or more representatives of a School/College to participate as a member of the Search Committee.

Such individuals will be selected based on their subject matter expertise and/or the extent to which they have formal interactions with the University office conducting the search and can provide directly relevant input to the search process.

Senior Officers are encouraged to formulate search committees which can provide a diversity of campus input and perspectives to assure hiring decisions are reflective of the University’s total needs including those of key constituencies served by position under recruitment.

While these guidelines intend to assure the active participation and input of the relevant parties in recruitments and appointments for covered positions, final hiring decisions remain that of the hiring manager under the University’s established recruitment policies.

When a search process is being contemplated for a covered position by a School/College, Division, or UBC, advance notice and consultation with the applicable University senior officer as indicated below should be initiated in a timely manner. For searches conducted by one of the covered central offices, contact will be made directly with one or more individuals from within the University community who is being invited to participate on the search committee.

  • For covered information technology-related leadership positions, contact the Associate Vice Chancellor and Deputy Chief Information Officer in the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Information Technology Services.
  • For covered finance/business operations-related leadership positions, contact the Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance in the Finance Division.
  • For covered human resources-related leadership positions, contact the Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources in the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Human Resources.