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Certain workplace issues require formal investigative processes. Our office works in collaboration with department management and other administrative offices to address particular issues. In most cases, department management will be responsible for leading or co-leading the investigation in conjunction with the most appropriate administrative office.

Administrative Review for Harassment/Discrimination Complaints

Employees or students who believe that they have experienced prohibited harassment or discrimination at the University may file an administrative complaint with the Equal Opportunity & Compliance (EOC) Office on campus. The EOC staff will work with the employee’s management or the Dean of Students Office to investigate the complaint and issue a formal report.

Violence in the Workplace

Workplace violence should be reported either to UNC Public Safety or to Employee & Management Relations, depending on the circumstances. All violence situations need to be filed initially on the Workplace Violence Reporting Form and sent to our office for processing. Department management will also need to conduct an investigation and produce a written report of its findings.

Other Workplace Investigations

Some types of investigations may involve other University administrative offices, including:

  • Electronic Use Violations: ITS Security will partner with E&MR and department management for cases of improper use of the University’s computing systems, including unauthorized accesses, copyright infringement, pornography, unauthorized commercial use of University equipment and infrastructure, and other related issues.
  • Fiscal Misconduct: Internal Audit will partner with E&MR and department management for cases of improper financial activities. Internal Audit may also partner with the Office of Human Resources in investigating wage-hour violations and leave record inaccuracies.
  • HIPAA Violations: UNC Health will partner with E&MR and department management for violations of confidentiality requirements for health care records (HIPAA).

Department management should contact Employee & Management Relations initially. E&MR will assist with connecting department management with the appropriate administrative office. In some cases, a University administrative office may initiate the investigation and will contact E&MR and department management for coordination. E&MR will work with department management to address any disciplinary issues that may arise from these investigations.

Workers’ Compensation

The University’s Workers’ Compensation program is administered by the Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) Department for injuries occurring on the job. EHS also provides and coordinates safety training programs for all University workers.

Workplace Accommodation of Disabilities

The Equal Opportunity & Compliance Office administers requests for workplace accommodations for an employee disability.