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Below is information on processing employees who are non-resident aliens and foreign nationals.

The non-resident alien must complete a PR-100 form which is then forwarded by the appointing department to the Office of International Students and Scholarship Services (OISSS), CB #5240. The form should indicate that the individual will be receiving a salaried appointment. That office will enter the PR-100 information into the Windstar database. Payroll Services will confirm the PR-100 information in Windstar prior to approving any related salary action or lump sum payments in EPAWeb. Download the PR-100 form from UNC Payroll Services website.

The PR100 is not required for non-resident aliens who receive non-salaried appointments. These individuals may be entered in EPAWeb at a zero base rate and the action comments should indicate they are receiving a non-salaried appointment. OISSS may be consulted to ensure compliance with relevant immigration/Visa regulations.

Please note: Visiting Scholars do not receive EHRA appointments and though unpaid may be subject to different requirements by OISSS. Please consult OISSS regarding individuals coming into the United States under Visiting Scholar arrangements.

If a foreign national is working on a UNC-Chapel Hill project outside of the United States, no Form PR-100 is required, regardless of whether the appointment is paid or unpaid. The EPAWeb New Employment action should indicate in the Comments section where the individual is located and what project they are working on for UNC-Chapel Hill. This information must be in the Comments section for Payroll Services to recognize that a PR-100 is not required and to approve the EPAWeb action.

EPAWeb requires a U.S. Social Security Number (SSN) to perform a New Employment Action for either paid or unpaid (e.g., zero rate) EPA appointments. In many circumstances, foreign nationals newly arriving in the U.S. or those working for the University overseas do not have an SSN but need a temporary dummy SSN to enable processing in EPAWeb. Learn how to issue a dummy SSN number to permit EPAWeb processing.

Note: Visiting Scholars do not receive EPA appointments, are not processed in EPAWeb, and therefore do not require a dummy SSN. If a PID or Onyen is needed for a Visiting Scholar, submit a Visiting Scholar form to the UNC OneCard Office.

In the EPAWeb Personnel Action System, the “Immigration Work Eligibility Expiration Date” field is tracked for non-resident aliens and can be found on the completed I-9 form and on the individual’s Visa. Please note that for foreign nationals working for the University outside of the U.S., this date is not applicable. However, since it is required in EPAWeb for anyone coded as a non-resident alien, for such individuals, 01/01/9999 should be entered as the Work Eligibility Expiration date to permit completion of the EPAWeb action.
When a non-resident alien needs to be moved on or off the “E” payroll (typically for tax withholding status changes) with no other change in appointment details, salary or salary source accounts, this change will be made automatically by Payroll Services and no actions will need to be prepared by the department in EPAWeb. Payroll Services will notify departments by memo when such a change occurs.

To initiate a New Employment Action in EPAWeb requires an SSN. The below procedures apply to individuals who do not possess a U.S. SSN.

Paid Appointments: For non-resident aliens who will be paid by the University but who do not initially have a social security number (SSN), processing in EPAWeb cannot begin until OISSS receives the PR100 form and issues a dummy SSN. In these instances, an Advance EHRA Appointment Transmittal Form can be completed to enable EHRA appointment processing and credential verification to begin prior to the individual’s arrival in the U.S.

Once the individual arrives in the U.S. and the necessary PR100 is processed through OISSS and a dummy SSN is issued, an EPAWeb New Employment Action must be completed in order to process the individual on Payroll. When using this new EHRA advance transmittal process, please note in Comments in the final EPAWeb New Employment action that appointment paperwork was routed previously using the Advance EHRA Appointment Transmittal Form.

Non-Paid Appointments: As non-paid EHRA appointments do not require the PR100, a dummy SSN can be obtained from OISSS which will permit processing into EPAWeb prior to arrival in the U.S. Specific instructions on how to accomplish this are available by clicking here.

The Alien Registration Number is only applicable to Resident Aliens (R), i.e., green card holders. If you have questions regarding this number, please contact OISSS (962-5661; email: