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Before creating or modifying an EHRA Non-Faculty position or proposing the reclassification of an existing SHRA position to EHRA Non-Faculty, all units, schools and divisions should consult information on EHRA Non-Faculty Position Categories to ensure that basic EHRA requirements are met. If these requirements are not met, the SHRA classification process should be pursued instead of the request process described in these guidelines.

HR Representatives should consult ConnectCarolina documentation for procedural information on creating, modifying, reviewing and reclassifying EHRA Non-Faculty positions. For additional procedural information, HR Representatives should contact their EHRA Non-Faculty HR Consultant.

Any changes to the working title, reporting relationship, duties, or education/experience requirements of an existing vacant or filled EHRA Non-Faculty position must be reviewed to assess any impact to the assigned EHRA status. Significant changes may affect the position’s continued eligibility for EHRA Non-Faculty status. Examples of significant changes include, but are not limited to

  • no longer requiring a specific degree
  • a major change in duties or reporting relationships
  • substantially altering or eliminating experience requirements

OHR will review any submitted modifications to determine if the position continues to satisfy current EHRA non-faculty classification guidelines. Requests for EHRA Senior Academic and Administrative Officer (SAAO) positions require additional approval by UNC General Administration.

The following are two important considerations for Department Heads contemplating a planned reorganization or promotions which directly impact one or more EHRA Non-Faculty positions:

The creation of a substantially new or revised EHRA Non-Faculty position for which one or more employees within the work unit may have the requisite qualifications and experience may necessitate an internal competitive search process or a request to the Equal Opportunity and Compliance (EOC) Office for waiver of EHRA recruitment. The reassignment of duties and responsibilities among individuals at the same job level and status, when there are no other similarly situated employees who might be in a position to complete for such an opportunity, may not typically trigger this requirement. However, Department Heads should consult with the EOC Office early in their planning process when contemplating changes that may have equal opportunity impacts within their units.

Commitments to individual employees or announcements of proposed organizational changes or promotions should not be communicated until approval for the proposed changes is granted by the relevant Dean or Vice Chancellor’s Office as well as the EHRA Non-Faculty HR Office and the EOC Office when significant position changes, salary increases, or both are present. To do otherwise may risk the necessity to reverse a communicated job or organizational change after the fact.

All EHRA Non-Faculty positions must be reviewed periodically to determine whether they meet current EHRA Non-Faculty position classification guidelines and, therefore, whether the position’s EHRA status may be continued. If an EHRA non-faculty full- or part-time position becomes vacant and has not been reviewed in the previous six years, it is subject to mandatory review of EHRA status. This automatic review does not apply to filled positions and may be waived at the discretion of the Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources or designee when deemed appropriate.

A review may be initiated at an earlier time for a vacated position at the request of the department or if OHR determines that a prior EHRA approval was contrary to the prevailing UNC General Administration EHRA guidelines.

If a position was last approved prior to this system being implemented, the most recent EHRA position approval letter sent by either the Office of the Provost, the Office of the Chancellor, or the University General Counsel’s Office should be consulted.

SHRA to EHRA Non-Faculty Position Conversion