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Unlike hourly-paid (FLSA non-exempt) employees, EHRA Non-Faculty employees are all FLSA exempt and are accountable and compensated for their performance outcomes, rather than for time worked on an hour for hour basis. As such, EHRA Non-Faculty employees do not earn compensatory time when they work more than forty hours in a work week. Compensatory time is not to be accumulated, tracked, used, or paid out for EHRA Non-Faculty employees, except if specifically mandated by a State and/or UNC System policy such as during a pandemic or communicable disease emergency.

Most EHRA Non-Faculty employees typically put in some time and effort beyond the university’s standard business hours in order to fulfill the generally-expected professional responsibilities of their positions. The university recognizes there may be situations where a work unit experiences an extraordinary and non-routine circumstance where an EHRA Non-Faculty employee must commit exceptional time and effort beyond the employee’s regular work schedule. In such situations, managers may on a non-routine basis extend the opportunity for scheduling flexibility to account for these circumstances. Scheduling flexibility in such circumstances is not guaranteed and has no specific time or hour implications, entitlements, or tracking.