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A permanent full-time SHRA employee (regularly scheduled 40 hours each work week) normally is appointed to one position at one established rate of pay. However, the University allows additional employment for a permanent full-time employee under the circumstances outlined in this Policy.

Additional employment involves work within the University beyond the permanent full-time employee’s regularly scheduled 40 hours and outside his/her:

  • home department or organizational unit
  • regular work schedule, and
  • regularly assigned responsibilities

NOTE: A permanent part-time employee (regularly scheduled at least 20 hours but less than 40 each work week) cannot be appointed to more than one position at a time. However, under unusual circumstances, a single position may involve performing duties in more than one department or office. In such cases, special arrangements must be made to coordinate funding, comply with Wage-Hour law, and determine employee eligibility for benefits. Please contact the Employment & Staffing Department if such a case arises.

Also note that a permanent part-time employee may work additional hours on a temporary basis only. If the conditions requiring the additional hours continue, the department should contact the Employment & Staffing Department to discuss limits on the use of part-time employees and any personnel actions that may be necessary.

Additional employment within the University occurs when a permanent full-time SHRA employee additionally is needed temporarily, on a part-time basis in a University operating department other than the employee’s home department or organizational unit. It is limited to a situation in which the employee possesses specialized knowledge, skills and abilities not readily available in the University’s recruitment area. Additional employment is used only for an emergency or one-time, fixed term assignment with specified beginning and ending dates (not over several semesters, for example) and not for any continuing need. It cannot conflict with the employee’s regularly assigned full-time SHRA duties.

To obtain approval for additional employment, an employee needs to obtain a completed Additional Employment Request Form with advance signature approvals by the:

  • employee’s department head
  • department head of the requesting department
  • Senior Director of Employment & Staffing or Assistant Director, Employment

NOTE: Payment for additional employment arrangements is processed in ConnectCarolina as a Lump Sum Payment ePAR.

Additional employment provides any Wage-Hour Non-Exempt employee overtime pay at time-and-one-half the employee’s regular rate for all hours worked over 40 in a work week. Pay for the additional employment is based on the employee’s salary for the permanent full-time appointment. For non-exempt employees, additional employment lump sums should be entered each biweekly, as overtime hours should be paid in the next available payroll.

The requesting department is responsible for the cost of the additional employment salary (agreed upon in advance) and the additional Social Security and State retirement contributions.

Under certain circumstances, an employee may be requested to fill a temporary teaching assignment. If so, the following conditions for such employment also apply:

  • the teaching assignment is not within the reasonable scope of the employee’s regular responsibilities;
  • the employee has Wage-Hour Exempt status (NOTE: A Wage-Hour Non-Exempt employee may not be appointed to a temporary teaching assignment);
  • a temporary academic title appropriate for the teaching duties is assigned (NOTE: Contact the Office of the Provost for information on procedures for assignment of a teaching title);
  • compensation is to be paid as a one-time payment;
  • compensation during any fiscal year is not to exceed 20 percent of the employee’s current annual salary;
  • there is no conflict of interest between the temporary teaching and the regular duties;
  • advance, written approval by the head of the employee’s work unit and the dean or director of the employee’s teaching work unit is obtained on the Additional Employment Request;
  • final approval is received from the Employment & Staffing Department before the proposed beginning date of the teaching assignment; and
  • payment is made from budget object code 1310 (teaching) by Form PD-7, “EHRA Personnel Action” with the Additional Employment Request Form attached showing the advance approvals.

Additional Employment Request Form