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Dual employment is a State-wide policy that applies when one State agency needs the services of an employee of another State agency on a part-time, consulting or contractual basis.

Dual employment with another State agency* occurs when a permanent SHRA employee, regardless of FLSA status, is needed on temporary and/or part-time basis by another State agency. This is limited to a situation in which the employee possesses specialized knowledge, skills and/or abilities not readily available in the requesting State agency’s recruitment area.

*This policy does not apply to any employment with a local Board of Education, the Community College System, UNC Healthcare, or a city or county government. Any additional employment with these organizations is considered secondary employment and is covered by the University’s Secondary Employment policy.

Dual employment is used for a critical need or a one-time, fixed-term assignment with specified beginning and ending dates, and cannot conflict with the employee’s regularly assigned duties.

Before an employee begins work in a dual employment assignment, he/she must complete the Dual Employment Request Form, showing approval from the:

  • Employee’s department head
  • Head or representative of the requesting agency, and
  • Senior Director, E&S, Assistant Director, Employment, or EHRA non-faculty Rep
Payment for an approved dual employment arrangement is processed through the State Budget Form CP-30, “Request for Additional Payment to Employee for Work Performed for Another State Agency.” The payment is made to the University and then by the University to the employee. (See the Business Manual, Budget Office section for more information.) The requesting agency is responsible for the cost of the dual employment salary (agreed upon in advance) and the employer’s Social Security contribution.

Budget, Planning, and Analysis, with assistance from OHR Employment and Staffing and The Service Center of Excellence, provides a learning tool for Dual Employment (the process when a Permanent University Employee is borrowed from another State Agency or when a University Department borrows a Permanent Employee from another State Agency).

This computer-based training (CBT) highlights the necessary requirements for processing, provides insight to the workflow and direct access to the forms. If you are involved in this process, the CBT will be especially helpful to you. Please take some time to review this new tool by following this link, or bookmark this link to gain access to ConnectCarolina CBT trainings.