To: HR Officers & Secondary Contacts
From: Adam Beck, Senior Director, Classification and Compensation

Attached are the templates that the Principle Function group of the HR Operational Excellence initiative has developed for the IT classifications. We have used the titles provided by the System Office during the recent EHRA implementation for IT positions. (Of course, these can also be used for updating descriptions for corresponding exempt SHRA titles that do similar work for those employees who chose to remain SHRA.)

We have identified primary functions that apply across multiple types of IT work and described the functions differently based on the specific type of work being done. (Note that every function didn’t apply to every title.) Of course, we cannot capture every single function that a position might do because the titles are so broad. These are meant to be an optional job aid so that managers and HR representatives have a starting point to guide their thinking as they craft a description.

Please send any feedback you have to by August 16.

Attachment: IT Principal Functions
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