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Good afternoon,

Please note that as of Monday, Jan. 24, 2022, we will be implementing a new process for employment verifications.

UNC-Chapel Hill receives a high volume of requests from third parties that need to verify employment and earnings information for current and former employees. Third-party verifiers can include lenders, property managers, employers, background check firms, social service agencies and even employees. Verifiers typically request this information by phone, e-mail, fax or regular mail.

To make the employment verification process more secure and to improve workflow, we have contracted with uConfirm, a leading national provider of employment verification solutions for employers. Transitioning to uConfirm will also help speed up the verification process for our employees and verifiers. Additionally, uConfirm is free to UNC-Chapel Hill and its employees, and the verification process is automated and secure.

Effective Jan. 24, 2022, if your unit receives a request to verify employment and earnings information for a current or former employee, please refer the requester to the uConfirm website.

If a requester has questions about the uConfirm process or if an employee needs their own employment verified, please refer them to uConfirm’s Customer Support line toll free at (404) 382-5400 (option 4) or e-mail

To learn more about this new automated process for employment verifications, please see the Employment Verification section of the Contact OHR webpage, which also includes information about security measures, required information and support contacts.

Thank you for your support and cooperation as we make this transition. If you have any questions, please be sure to contact David Foskey at

Thank you,

Linc Butler
Associate Vice Chancellor, Human Resources

David Foskey
HR Records Manager, Human Resources


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