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Dear HR Officer:

As you know, we are working diligently to prepare for the much-anticipated mandatory 2.5% LI increase. Our work to load this data into ConnectCarolina will begin Friday night, Jan. 14, 2022, and will continue through the weekend.

Any employee job-related in-flight ePARs for permanent employees that are not fully executed before 5 p.m. on Friday night will reset/revert the employee’s compensation when the ePAR fully executes. The HRIM team will be monitoring transactions that were initiated prior to the LI load, but not fully executed, and will manually adjust compensation as those ePARs write through to Job Data. To minimize the amount of manual intervention required, we ask that you help facilitate approvals for all job-related ePARs before Friday (Jan. 14).

In addition, where possible, please hold any new (not yet initiated) Job Data changes until next week after the LI load is completed.

This does not apply to Affiliates, Position ePARs, Funding Swaps, or Lump Sums, nor does it impact employees who are not eligible for the LI including Contingent Workers, Student Workers and Temporary Employees. Those actions can continue as usual, as they are not impacted by the LI.

Thank you!


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