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Our staff is available to discuss workplace issues with both managers and employees. We can assist in policy interpretation and help both employees and supervisors to think through available options for addressing situations and approaching work-related conversations. Our staff can also review drafts of written communication between supervisors and employees.

Facilitated Conversations

Employee and Management Relations Program

Employee and Management Relations (E&MR) provides a facilitated conversations program as a means of resolution for management and staff to restore interpersonal and/or workplace disputes. These are confidential, structured conversations facilitated by E&MR consultants to assist employees and managers come to a mutually acceptable outcome. A facilitated conversation is separate and distinct from a formal mediation and all other internal conflict resolution processes.


The Facilitated Conversations Program is available to all university employees for addressing workplace issues.

  • If an employee requests a facilitated conversation, then all parties involved must agree to participate in order for the facilitated conversation to occur.
  • If a supervisor requests a facilitated conversation for one or more employees (with or without the presence of management), the employees are required to participate.

The requesting party must submit a completed Facilitated Conversations Request Form to the E&MR Office indicating the nature of the issue, desired outcome and list all parties involved. If the request is accepted (if applicable), E&MR will contact all parties  to schedule the meeting, generally within two weeks of the request. Due to the nature of the matter, some  facilitation sessions may require more than one meeting.

E&MR will provide a summary of the facilitated session to the parties involved upon request.

Training Resources

Organization & Professional Development Programs

Training programs provided by Organization & Professional Development Department are available through Carolina Talent: Learning.

We strongly recommend that all supervisors, business managers, and HR Facilitators take the Performance Management and Disciplinary Process course along with other HR policy programs offered in the Catalog. Not only will these programs provide a solid foundation in policy and application but they also give supervisors the basic concepts needed when discussing workplace situations with the Employee & Management Relations staff.

Customized Trainings & Presentations

Performance Management and Disciplinary Process training can be customized for departmental trainings and presentations. We can adjust the length, content and audience based on your current needs.

We can also provide specially-designed trainings and presentations on other employee relations topics, such as harassment, discrimination, workplace violence, or other specific workplace situations.

Contact Employee & Management Relations

Phone: 919-843-3444
Fax: 919-962-8658
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