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This is the first of three webpages outlining the recruitment/interviewing/hiring process:

The University consistently applies the SHRA recruitment and selection process to promote open and fair competition to select from the most qualified persons to fill vacant positions. Selection decisions will be based solely on job-related criteria. Employment is offered based upon the job-related qualifications of applicants for employment using fair and valid selection criteria and upon satisfactory completion of all relevant reference checking, pre-employment background checking, credentials verification, and verification of eligibility to work in the United States.

UNC-Chapel Hill is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to age, color, disability, gender, gender expression, gender identity, genetic information, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or status as a protected veteran.

To initiate recruitment for a vacant SHRA permanent position, departments must submit an Add/Update Position ePAR in ConnectCarolina. Departments do not need to wait until the position is vacant before submitting an ePAR under Full Position Management. However, the hiring supervisor must have received a signed resignation letter or other official documentation of separation date from the current employee.

If the position is eligible for remote or hybrid work add the following language to the first sentence of the Position Summary:

  • Remote: This position is a 100% remote work arrangement, consistent with System Office policy. UNC Chapel Hill employees are generally required to reside in North Carolina, within a reasonable commuting distance of their assigned duty station.
  • Hybrid: This position may be eligible for a hybrid work arrangement that may include a partially remote work location, consistent with System Office policy. UNC Chapel Hill employees are generally required to reside within a reasonable commuting distance of their assigned duty station.

Each SHRA position has State standards for minimum training and experience. These standards indicate the knowledge, skills, and abilities, or competencies, necessary for successful job performance. Specific formal education may be substituted for required experience in some positions. Directly-related experience also may be substituted for certain educational requirements.

Hiring departments are responsible for determining any job-related qualifications required in addition to minimum State standards. Additional qualifications may be identified as essentials or preferred.

  • Essential skills are the required knowledge, skills and abilities that are critical to a position, without which the duties of the position cannot be performed. Any essential skill listed in the job posting must also be reflected as an essential skill in the position description. A selected candidate must possess all essential skills listed in the job posting of the position for which they are being selected.
  • Preferred Skills are the knowledge, skills and abilities that would aid in successfully performing the primary duties of a position, but are not required.

For assistance in determining what is appropriate to list as essential or preferred skills, contact your department’sTalent Acquisition Partner in the Office of Human Resources.

The Office of Human Resources advertises any special physical or mental requirement(s) in the posting if the hiring department identifies any such requirement(s) for an open position. Other training and experience preferences may also be determined by the hiring department; however, there is no substitute for a State-required license, registration, or certification.

The Talent Acquisition Partner in the Office of Human Resources must approve a posting request before the vacancy can be posted. There are three required locations for posting announcements of SHRA position vacancies:

Statewide Posting

The Employment & Staffing Department in the Office of Human Resources provides permanent job openings information to the N.C. Department of Commerce Division of Employment Security as required by State policy. The posting information includes the State’s minimum training and experience requirements and, as appropriate, additional position requirements as defined by the hiring department.

University Posting

The Employment & Staffing Department provides the Staff Openings List of SHRA positions under active recruitment. The list is posted at the Office of Human Resources, Administrative Office Building, 104 Airport Drive. The Staff Openings List is also updated continuously on the Office of Human Resources website.

Departmental Posting

After the posting request has been approved by the Talent Acquisition Partner, the hiring department prints the position posting summary (applicant view) from PeopleAdmin. State policy requires hiring departments to post conspicuously within the department the SHRA Posting Announcement for all of its SHRA vacancies. This internal posting must be concurrent with the posting maintained by the Office of Human Resources and must remain posted in the department through the defined recruitment period’s closing date. The hiring department must retain the posting announcement for two years.

Hiring departments are also responsible for ensuring that department employees currently on extended Military Leave or Family Medical Leave have been informed in a timely manner of all departmental internal postings.

Recruitment Posting Period

The hiring department establishes the length of the posting period on the posting request in PeopleAdmin. Vacancies must be posted for a minimum of five business days. In no case shall a posting close on a day on which the Office of Human Resources is closed for business. The posting period opening and closing dates are included on each job posting. Only applications received no later than 11:59 pm EST/EDST on the closing date may be considered for the position.

No employment offer or other commitment can be extended for an open position before the end of the vacancy’s posting period. The hiring department may request to extend the posting period as needed by contacting their Talent Acquisition Partner. Extensions to posting periods must be for at least three business days. The maximum posting period for recruitment is six months from the date of the initial posting; this maximum posting period includes initial recruitment and extensions.

Waiver of Posting

A waiver of the required posting requirements may be requested and approved:

  • to avoid a reduction-in-force or layoff,
  • to effect a disciplinary transfer,
  • to achieve a mandatory reinstatement, or
  • to avoid a critical work stoppage

A request to waive posting must be submitted as part of the posting request in PeopleAdmin. It is strongly recommended that departments consult with their OHR Talent Acquisition Partner prior to initiating a waiver request. The Senior Director of Employment & Staffing in the Office of Human Resources determines if the waiver is warranted.

The Office of Human Resources (OHR) requires that all active SHRA and EHRA Non-Faculty position openings be posted with the State’s minimum requirements and, as appropriate, any additional position requirements listed by the hiring department. OHR also publishes a job listing of open SHRA positions under active recruitment.  Any external advertising for vacancies is optional and at the expense of the hiring department and should be requested through Graystone Advertising.