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Below is an abridged version of the Hiring Playbook, which provides steps to assist Hiring Managers in the recruitment, selection and hiring processes. See the full-length Hiring Playbook for more information.

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Preparing to Post & Posting Positions

  • Choose an optimal search committee and interview schedule
  • Use this guide to determine who should be on the committee and what steps should be taken in the interview process
  • You may advertise directly with Graystone Group Advertising Agency when your position is being posted in PeopleAdmin
  • If you have a business need to hire someone to work remotely from outside of the United States, please note the position must be approved by Classification and Compensation Consultant or EHRA Non-Faculty Consultant before posting. The position location must be updated in ConnectCarolina

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Selecting a Candidate

  • The Equal Opportunity & Compliance Office recommends interviewing at least three candidates based on university and corporate standards with guidance from the Office of Federal Contract Compliance.
  • Schedule your interviews well in advance to ensure that search committee members and interviewers can participate
  • Screen applications during the posting period, including any screening interviews. (Note: When reaching out to candidates be mindful that emails often get forwarded to junk mail so following up by phone may be necessary).
  • If possible, all in person interviews should be scheduled the same day so that the Search Committee can provide a recommendation on that same day
  • Schedule 10 minutes at the end of each interview to consolidate notes and complete any evaluation materials (e.g., Qualtrics survey)
  • If you have selected a candidate who will be working remotely from outside of the United States, please refer to the Global Employment and Hiring link under “Additional Tools and Resources” for available employment options. As a reminder, direct employment or disbursement of payroll by the university is not permitted for individuals residing outside the United States
  • If the highest qualified candidate lives outside of the United States and is unable to relocate immediately, a teleworking arrangement must be initiated by the department and approved by OHR with a recommendation by the Global Working Group. The recommendation from the Global Working Group may include engagement with the University’s Professional Employer Organization (PEO)

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phone call

Extending an Offer & Acceptance

  • To expedite the recruitment process, take advantage of the ability to make a contingent offer while the background check is in process
  • Notify finalists in a timely manner if they were not
    selected, and ensure the posting is properly closed so that
    all non-selected applicants are notified of their final status
  • Ensure your candidate provides background check information as soon as possible to avoid delays

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Timeline for System Office Review & Approval