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To: HR Officers and Secondary Contacts
From: Noreen Montgomery, Senior Director of Employment & Staffing, Office of Human Resources

Employment & Staffing is pleased to announce that the Unpaid Volunteer, Intern and Visiting Scholar Request Form has transitioned from paper to an electronic form (eForm) in ConnectCarolina effective Friday, March 18, 2022. The electronic version of this form will enhance the submission and review process for unpaid requests and is designed to better streamline routing to applicable central offices when additional review is required.

Highlights of functionality included in the Unpaid Volunteer, Intern and Visiting Scholar eForm include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Expedite eForm submissions for multiple individuals who will perform the same duties as part of a program or assignment using the auto populate feature.
  • HR Representative and Department Official search fields for ease of reference.
  • Background check search field (when applicable)
  • Ability to view status and routing of submitted eForms (HR Representative role required).

The new Unpaid Volunteer, Intern and Visiting Scholar eForm can be found on the HR eForms tile via the Self-Service page in ConnectCarolina under “Department Initiated eForms,” or under the “Forms” folder in the HR Workcenter in ConnectCarolina.

Significant changes to the current process for submitting and reviewing Unpaid Volunteer, Intern and Vising Scholar Request Forms include the following:

  • The eForm requires users to log in with two-step verification (Duo) and agree to the University Terms of Use.
  • All eForms should be submitted by an HR Rep or Department Official and will route for approvals to the HR Rep or Department Official (whichever did not submit the form), applicable Central Offices and return to the form originator if additional information is required prior to the form being completed.
  • Approvers can find eForms that need their attention by logging in to ConnectCarolina and clicking on the HR Approvals tile, the forms folder in the HR Workcenter in ConnectCarolina, or the Worklist.
  • eForms (when applicable) will automatically route to the following central offices as appropiate if additional review is required: Protection of Minors (Campus Safety) and Export Controls.
  • The required Acknowledgement and Release for Liability Form must be signed and attached to the eForm on or before the assignment start date.


Training: To assist users with navigating the new automated unpaid request eForm, a training video has been created to demonstrate how to add, evaluate, update and view an eForm. Please refer to the following link to view the training video in Carolina Talent:

Unpaid Volunteer, Intern and Visiting Scholar Policy: To view the policy on Unpaid Volunteers, Interns and Visiting Scholars, in addition to required Acknowledgment and Release for Liability Forms, please refer to the following link:

Employment and Staffing will continue to accept paper Unpaid Volunteer, Intern and Visiting Scholar Request Forms through Friday, April 15, 2022, to allow for a brief transition period. Thereafter, all request forms should be submitted via the automated process in ConnectCarolina. As a reminder, if required a background check must be successfully completed prior to submitting a paper or eForm for review.

Please feel free to reach out to your assigned Talent Acquisition Partner with any questions or for additional assistance.


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